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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night 1: Well, that wasn’t so bad

After some potato talking during the day, the town feared that a horrible night was ahead of them. The mafia could hit anytime, anywhere and anyone and they sure knew that. They went to their homes and locked up absolutely every door and window. Obviously there’s always an exception and this time it was someone very well known in Springfield: Postage

Postage was walking down an alley after escaping from his home. He thought it was the perfect time for some vandalism and man was he wrong. Suddenly, he saw a shadow behind him and when he turned around he was shot in the head dying instantly.

Postage was…

Congratulations you’re Bart Simpson, Innocent aligned
Night Role: You have no night role but..
You’re the Double Voter, that means your lynches will be counted as two.

But the night wasn’t over. TheHitmanHart was celebrating what he just accomplished: killing a child but suddenly a shovel hit him in the head. He didn’t make it

TheHitmanHart was…

Congratulations you are Mr. Burns Right Hand man Mr. Smithers, Mafia AlignedMafia win the game. ], it is your’s and you mafia’s duty to get rid of all the Innocents and individuals, and by doing so you and your Mafia win the game. So get ahold of your fellow Mafia, so you can find out their alignment.
Night Role: you are the Hitman You do the Godfathers dirty work, whoever he kills you will make the kill. PM him each night to know who you are killing.

Your mafia family is:

Mr. Burns: ***
Snake: ***
Nelson: ***
Sideshow Bob: ***
Fat Tony: ***

The bodies were found the next day with the town mourning Bart’s death (some people anyway) and celebrating Smithers’ death.

It’s currently Day 2 and with 28 alive it takes 15 to lynch

Postage, you may replace HeAT who has asked me to replace him.
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