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The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night Zero

Mr. Burns sat alone at his desk in his mansion thinking about what he should buy next. Mr. Smithers, the guy who had a fascination with the town’s richest man suddenly stepped in.

Mr Smithers: Mr. Burns, you already own almost everything in this town, why not buy the town outright?

Mr. Burns: (Tapping his fingers together) Excellent. Smithers, that is what we’ll do, we’ll order a town meeting
where we will force Quimby into selling Springfield to me. I will turn it in to Monty Enterprises and force everybody to work for me for less then a decent living wage!


At the town meeting

Quimby: Err, ah if there is nothing else we’ll err adjourn this err ah meeting.

Suddenly Mr. Burns steps up and announces that he has a proposition for the town.

Mr. Burns: I have one more thing to add to this meeting and It involves the selling of the town to me…

The crowd goes into a crazy panic not liking the idea nobody can be understood but as soon as the crowd quiets Quimby answers…
Quimby: Err Mr. Burns, I err don’t think selling the err ah town to you would be a good idea. Err, so I, ah, don’t think that I will sell Springfield to err you.

Mr. Burns: Fine have it your way…

Suddenly the old bastard pulls out a gun and shoots Mayor Quimby, as Quimby topples over dead

C…B…R was Mayor Quimby, Innocent Aligned

Mr. Burns: Now if there are no more people who do not wish to see the town sold to me I will be leaving.

Suddenly the bartender moe Syzlack stands up and is about to speak when Burns shoots him dead.

Dagax was Moe Syzlack, innocent Aligned

Mr. Burns: Oh and if you think that it’s me and Smithers against all of you, think again amongst all of you are are people who are working for me, but who?

With that Smithers and Burns leave Town Hall, their point being made. They were going to control the town whether the town’s people liked it or not. As the left and the doors closed behind them Commotion broke out once again but it was Marge that finally spoke up.

Marge: Listen to me!!! There is only one way to get out of here with our town still controlled by us and not that evil man.

Willie: Yeah,it’s ool for one and one for ool!

The town starts arguing whether they should stick together or go off separately.

Skinner: Now remember what Burns said as he was going out the door about there being some people amongst us that were working for him. It’s going to take some real help in trying to figure out who they are.

Homer: I say we choose a town member to die each day hoping to get a member of that man’s group and at night we hope for the best!

Lenny: Wow Homer that is probably the best idea you’ve ever had.

Homer: The what and who now?

Ned Flanders: While I don’t condone killing innocent people I see no other way. If I don’t want to join my beloved Maude up in heaven at this time I’ll have to make sure I don’t die and I’ll have to trust you guys to keep me alive. Especially you neighborooni.

Homer: Shut up Flanders.

The meeting broke down with everybody agreeing that during day one of them would die, hopefully they would get a member of Burns Mafia, or one of the people who didn’t agree to go at this together and instead chose to go it on their own.


-No screenshots or direct quoting of PM’s CBR or myself may send you.
-No discussing the game outside of the thread unless your role allows you to.
-Character and Role revealing are allowed but character revealing will only be allowed when you have 50% of lynches against you.
-Keep active or you will be replaced
-Don’t claim to give people credits or rep or anything else for them not to lynch you, it’s gay and makes you gay as well.
-If you have a role and don't plan on using it please PM me so I don't wait for you
-Have fun (yeah, it's a rule)

Alive players:

11-Epididymis JiGSaW
15-HeAT Postage
26-Richard Flair dan_marino

Day One: Potato Talk
Night One: Well, That Wasn't So Bad
Day Two: Town Divided?
Night Two: A Clusterfuck Of A Night
Day Three: OMG, A LYNCH!
Night Three: Investigator = Dead
Day Four: Down Goes The Cult, Murder At School
Night Four: Death Of The Reviver. Did He Revive?
Day Five: PHEN0M Owns The Godfather
Night Five: Screw You, Crazy Old Man
Day Six: When Will The Town Learn?
Night Six: Cult Finished?
Day Seven: No More Twins
Night Seven: Two Down
Night Eight: A Town Mourns, The Mafia Strikes
Day Eight: 4 Down, 2 To Go
Night Nine: Do'h!

14-Postage was killed Night One. He was Bart Simpson, the Double Voter, Innocent Alignedhttp
27-TheHitmanHart was killed Night One. He was Smithers, the Hitman, Mafia Aligned

10-MagsFan was killed Night Two. He was Reverend Lovejoy, the Elite Bodyguard, Innocent Aligned
2-Nov was killed Night Two. He was Fat Tony, the Framer, Mafia Aligned

13-CM Dealer was lynched Day Three. He was Groundskeeper Willie, the Serial Killer, an Individual
29-Don.Corleone was killed Night Three. He was Kent Brockman, the Investigator, Innocent Aligned
19-AussieFan was lynched Day Four. He was Jimbo, the Cult Recruiter, an Individual
6-dan_marino was killed Night Four. He was Dr. Hibbert, the Doctor, Innocent Aligned
18-Sticksy was killed Day Five. He was Mr. Burns, the Godfather, Mafia Aligned
7-MetalX was killed Night Five. He was Grandpa Simpson, the Crazy Old Man, Innocent Aligned
22-Kantos was killed Night Six. He was Principal Skinner, roleless, an Individual
5-Doddsy was lynched Day Seven. He was Selma Bouvier, the Twin Suicide, an Individual
21-sXe extremist commited suicide Day Seven. He was Patty Bouvier, the Twin Suicide, an Individual

12-RKO920 was killed Night Seven. He was Lenny Leonard, the Town Favourite, Innocent Aligned
28-S-I was killed Night Seven. He was Edna Krabappel, the Roleblocker, Innocent Aligned

20-PHENOM was killed Night Eight. He was Marge Simpson, the Clean Up, Innocent Aligned
3-TRI was mod killed Night Eight. He was Comic Book Guy, roleless, Innocent Aligned
23-King Kenny was lynched Day Eight. He was Nelson, the Rolecop, Mafia Aligned
25-MagsFan was killed Night Nine. He was Krusty, the Jester, an Individual
8-CM Dealer was killed Night Nine. He was Homer Simpson, the Jack of all Trades, Innocent Aligned
9-Wesson was killed Night Nine. He was Barney Gumble, the Town Drunk, Innocent Aligned
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