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Re: The Dark Knight Mafia Discussion Thread

Night 0

The day in Gotham City begins as Superman and Lois are talking and Superman says he is nervous about going out in front of the city to give a speech. Lois reminds him that he is going out there not as Clark but as Superman so he shouldn’t be nervous at all. Superman goes out there and give a press conference on being a good citizen and how Lex Luther (the new mayor) did great things for Metropolis and will now do great things for Gotham.

The long day in the DC Universe is coming to a close. The rain starts to pour as the light begins to fade into darkness. The dim street lights begin to flicker as the headlights of cars become the main source of light in the dark Gotham City. We see the cops patrol chase a woman dressed as a cat down the street as she has just robbed a local jewellers. Before the police can stop her she leaps into the air and dashes over the rooftops making it impossible for the police. So its just your usual night here in Gotham City…….

Back in Metropolis Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow), is in his room sulking at the fact that he and Lois are now, no longer together. He looks out his window as he sees the signs of “Luther Incorp.” Being pulled down from across the street as Luther had moved out of the city and into Gotham a few weeks ago, after he became the new mayor, when replaced Harvey Dent.

Back in Gotham and at an undisclosed warehouse, there is a group of street criminals and The Joker!

The Joker: Right Boys, Tonight is the night we takeout SuperMan, he was here earlier today and it is time we got for the top dog!

The Joker and his gang leave there hideout and drive straight into the heart of Gotham, causing as much chaos as possible.

Lois and Clark are at a late night Circus Event in which the one remaining Grayson is doing his death defying performance. But Clark can hear the noises from downtown Gotham and alerts Lois that there is trouble, she is adamant he go with her, he reluctantly agrees to tell her where the trouble will be and for her to call the police and they leave the show earlier as Superman is off…

Lois is on Clarks trail as Clark tells her to stay safe as he deals with things. The Joker’s pals are all taken down with ease by Superman, The Joker goes for a run and Superman catches up with him in a dark alley. Superman goes to restrain The Joker but suddenly he falls to the floor. The Joker has “Kryptonite!”. Superman tries to fight it but The Riddler turns up also holding a big piece of Kryptonite. Supermans powers deteriorate, as now The Scarecrow and Posion Ivy turn up holding more pieces. Superman is fading and fading but……

At Wayne Manor Barbara Wilson, (alfred’s nephew is studying with Bruce) When the Alfred comes in and alerts Bruce that he is needed “at work”, he quickly makes his apologises to Barbara and sneaks off to Alfred. Bruce asks whats happening and is told by Alfred that Commisioner Gordon raised the Batsignal. Bruce changes into the Bat Suit and meets Gordon at the signal.

Superman is fading as The 4 supervillians look on as Superman is dying in front of there eyes when….

BATMAN! From the skies dives down and attacks the group of super-villains. Two-Face arrives and he also has a piece of Kryptonite, he attaches it to the other four pieces as the villains keep Batman distracted. The pieces join together and the light from them is astounding as this huge piece of kryptonite glows in the dark alley and finally explodes in the hands of Two-Face.

The explosion knocks everyone down, Superman is down also but he isn’t moving. Lois quickly runs over to his aid and realises he isn’t breathing, she tries and tries to wake him but he isn’t moving. The police sirens can finally be heard, The gang abscond quickly but The Joker sees Batman getting to his feet and The Joker throws his knife at Batman but Batman ducks and the knife flies through the air and into the heart of Lois!

The Joker gets away as Batman is forced to turn his attention to Lois and Superman. The Police are arriving and Batman quickly escapes before he is framed for the murders.

By day the news of “Batman killing Superman and Lois” has spread across the world of the global tragedy, one man in particular who vows to Batman for killing is The Green Arrow. With the city against Batman and the gang of 5 powerful super-villains coming together, will the city be able to find these people and bring back peace to Gotham, or will The Powers of Evil rule the city.

SuperMan is dead, he was Innocent Aligned

27 players start,
it's 14 for a lynch,
48 hours (roughly) to decide or a no-lynch will occur.

Day 1 begins……
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