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The Dark Knight Mafia Discussion Thread

1. No quoting PM's allowed.
2. No bribes or point offerings, no screen shots, etc...
3. Inactives will be replaced
4.If you have a role but don't plan on using it, make sure to PM me informing me of this so I don't wait for you.
5. I have the right to change, add or delete rules as the game is in progress.
6. Only use this thread to discuss the game (unless stated in your PM)
7. Lynching starts after night 0 is posted.

1) Chelseafan - Innocent Aligned
2) Fail - Innocent Aligned
3) Kantos - Innocent Aligned
4) sXe extremist - Innocent Aligned
5) Sticksy HeAT
6) Chelseafan - Bat Team Aligned
7) Don.Corleone - Innocent Aligned
8) JigSaw TheSoulTaker
9) TheHitmanHart - Innocent Aligned
10)C...B...R - Individually Aligned
12)Ownage™ - Innocent Aligned
14)RKO920 - Innocent Aligned
15)TRI - Innocent Aligned
16)MetalX - Mafia Alinged
17)3Dee - Innocent Aligned
18)sXe extremist - Innocent Aligned
19)Aerts - Innocent Aligned
20)S-I - Bat Team Aligned
22)Rising - Innocent Aligned
25)Rising - Individualy Aligned
26)Nov - Mafia Aligned
27)Postage - Bat Team Aligned

Night 0
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7

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