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Re: Video Games Mafia Thread

Night 4:

The night had come again. Upset about Novs lynch one of the characters wanted blood. He stormed down the halls fustrated and kicked open Chelseafans door. “No what are you doing??” Chelseafan screamed but it was unheard. The vigilante unloaded 4 rounds into Chelseafan. Chelseafan hit the floor. Chelseafan was “Diddy Kong, Innocent Aligned” Psychiatrist, attempting to turn Donkey Kong innocent. The vigilante became even more furious at this point but headed back to his room before causing anymore trouble.

New found strength. A character had obtained it. He walked down the hallway with confidence and walked into Fails room. “I can’t have you around” he explained. It was on death ears as Fail was fast asleep. He proceeded to smother Fail with his own pillow. Fail was “Snake, Innocent Aligned” Jack of all Trades.

The mafia looked at there targets room but noticed it already reeked of death. Someone had taken care of Chelseafan for them…

Day 5 with 23 alive it’s 12 to lynch.


Updating first page then I'll send out night results.
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