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Re: Video Games Mafia Thread

Night 2

The tides of darkness had come again. (OMG GAME REFERENCE)

The mafia were the first on the move tonight. They knew exactly where there target was and wanted to take him out early. Capital Xs door swung open. The assailant held a silenced handgun and proceeded to shoot Capital X two times while he was sleeping. The assailant picked up Capital Xs role. Capital X was Arthas Menethil, Individual aligned." Future Cult recruiter. The assailant smiled knowing he had taken out a potential threat. He travelled back to his mafia to inform them of the good news.

S-I was working on his plan to catch the mafia out when he thought he heard a door close. He peered outside seeing nothing and proceeded to go back to his work. A few minutes later his door swung open. Someone fired instantaneously at S-I. S-I was hit he held his chest and fell to the floor S-I then stood back up and smiled at his attempted killer. The assassin was startled and sprinted away down the hallway.

Night wasnt over. Not yet.

Donkey Kong was sure he had found the man who took his son. He burst into CBRs room but to his surprise CBR was still awake moving around frantically. You... You took him Donkey Kong yelled. CBR was too shifty to pay attention to what he said. Instead CBR reached into his draw and pulled out a pill, which he proceeded to eat. Donkey Kong stood there confused, then he started to feel weaker and weaker and weaker. CBR ate Donkey Kong alive leaving just his role. Donkey Kong was "Donkey Kong, Individual aligned." Serial Killer. Donkey Kong was..Sticksy.

With 29 alive It's 15 to lynch.
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