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Re: Video Games Mafia Thread

Night 1:

After a long day of not lynching anyone the characters dosed off into a deep slumber once again…Obviously forgetting the carnage of the night before.

Alcoholic had gone to the bathroom, Feeling outshadowed by Certs in everyway he still admired his brother. Alcoholic finished up in the toilet and began washing his hands. “Remember me?” a dark apelike voice said from behind the door. Alcoholics face dropped, the tone of the voice frightened him. The door swung open and Donkey Kong was standing there with a smile on his face “Heya” this time the tone of Donkey Kongs voice was friendly and inviting. Alcoholics fear turned into laughter. “Hey man long time no see, shouldn’t really barge in like that while I’m in here” “Where is he?” bellowed Donkey Kong immediately changing his tone back to anger. Alcoholic was puzzled. “GIVE HIM BACK TO ME” Donkey Kong turned red and started to pummel Alcoholic to death. Alcoholic was Luigi, Innocent Aligned. The plumber. Donkey Kong then ran back off into the depths of the castle.

There is always a man who doesn’t sleep. Not until his mission is complete. Certs awoke in the night noticing his brother was gone from his side. He opened the door slowly peeking out each side looking for any signs of his brother. He slowly walked out and closed the door behind him. He heard footsteps in the distance. They got closer and closer. He couldn’t make out the figure coming towards him. But then it didn’t matter. 3 bullets in his skull and he hit the floor. The man walked upto Certs body and examined it. A note was found. Certs was Mario, Innocent aligned. 2 shot Legend.” Disappointment filled the mans face, he looked at the floor and walked back off to his room.

The mafia was yet to make a move. The godfather moved through the corridors examining each room for his target. He noticed the open bathroom door and peered in. Alcoholic was still laying there, Dead. Bowser smiled, it seemed his work had been done for him. Bowser ran back to rendezvous with the rest of his mafia.

Day 2 began 17 to lynch
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