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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Day 12 - Breakfast Fucking Cereal

What journey this has been, We are down to the final three men in the house, Jigsaw, Aussiefan and TheHitmanHart. They all have been through a lot these past 12 days in the cereal house and it all comes down to this, this lynch will surely determine the winning alignment.

When they woke up on that cold and deadly October morning TheHitmanHart wasted no time to lynch Aussiefan, the rambunctious Jigsaw did the same. And with a look of determination and accomplishment in their eyes they knew the mafia was finally gone.

Aussiefan was stabbed in the stomach and Jigsaw nailed Aussie with a box of Raisin Bran. Hitman shoved a spoon up Aussie's ass and Jigsaw began to strangle Aussiefan. They shoved tons of cereal down his mouth and he began to choke, he then finally died.

That's it, it's a fucking wrap, mafia is gone, or so they thought, they checked Aussiefan's role, Jigsaw read

Spoiler for Role:
Congratulations, you are Cinna-Mon, of Apple Jacks, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are a Jamaican cinnamon stick, pretty lame mascot, tbh

Unfortunately youíre the vote less . Which means that you canít lynch. Damn that sucks Ďmon. You are probably the weakest player in the game. Try youíre best my friend and good luck.

Jigsaw looked up and behind him was Hitman with a gun with one bullet left in the barrel, Jigsaw said " Oh my fucking God"

Hitman shot the bullet and Jigsaw died.

He was once again:

Spoiler for Role:
Congratulations, you are Fred Flintstone , innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are the character representing one of my personal favorite cereals and thatís Fruity Pebbles. Damn I love that cereal.

You are also unlynchable, why, I donít know but you just are. Be happy about it.

But wait...

You have been revived, since you are now a confirmed innocent would you like to turn into a individual and keep you're role or stay true to the innocets?


Jigsaw was actually a individual after his revival

TheHitmanHart was shocked but at the same time was to busy basking in his glory. He was the last man alive, the sole survivor. 35 men walked into that death cereal house Night Zero and 12 days later one walks out.

TheHitmanhart put on his hat and walked out of the cereal house and looked back to see all the dead bodies and blood left behind and smiled, then he left to go eat some delicious cereal.

He was:

Congratulations, you are Franken Berry, mafia aligned. You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Serial Killer. You are old school and you donít like these new cereals taking youíre star power. So you joined mafia so you can kill those other jobber cereal mascots.

You are also the Day Killer. If there is a majority reached on a certain player who you want to keep around, probably a mafia member you can pm me to stop this lynch and replace the day kill with someone else. You can only do this once so use it wisely.

You're mafia is


I'm not saying who has what role, to make sure you keep in contact I'm letting you find out others roles yourself.

He would later become the Godfather after Rising's death.

Mafia Win

Game Over.

Well I hope you all had fun playing my game and thanks for playing. job well done.
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