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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Night 10 - Down and Dirty

The final mafia member was clearly outnumbered, he had nowhere to run, but he was sure he can use his manipulative ways to be the sole survivor. He decided to kill on of the more vocal players, dan_marino, dan was asleep and he brought him to his chambers and hooked his nipples up to a car battery and tortured him for several hours, then he began to slap him and make fun of his big nose and ears and say he raped his father, he let dan go and as dan ran he shot him in the back of the head, reaaaallll slick.

Titania and Thehitmanhart discovered him the next morning, he was:

Spoiler for Role:
You are Crackle/or POP of the Snap-Crackle-Pop Rice Krispies trio, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. Or rather, the Crackle-Pop duo. You haven’t seen Snap since he ditched you guys for bigger and better things.

You are a mason, you’re partner being…****

With knowing one more of you’re fellow innocents you are at a advantage. Communicate with each other, watch each others back and help each other stay alive because he is the only person you can trust 100 percent to be innocent. When one of you die the other will gain a investigative role.

Day 11, lynch, now

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