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Re: The Retro Club

Having completed the game, I went looking for other stuff to do on Mana.
I came across the '9th Sword Orb' glitch when scowling youtube. I tried it out using the second/third save slots, and it actually worked. So I posted the results [above].

Here's how to do it:

First, collect all eight Sword Orbs. Go to the Ice Country. There is a small circular island just off the coast. When you land there, Neko should be there. Then save the game with him. Hold L + R + Start + Select to reset the game.

Start a new game at the opening screen and get to the Mantis Ant. Hold L + R + Start + Select to reset the game again. This time, load your old game. The game resumes at the Mantis Ant with your party at your high levels. Hit the Mantis Ant once to kill it. You will receive another Sword Orb. Jema will pull you out and tell you to visit the Water Temple. Call Flammie and upgrade your sword. It will become the Mana Sword.

I also found a way to get back into Potos...

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