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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Day 10 - Are we done yet?

The smaller the group became the more divided it became, Jigsaw and CapitalX on one side and the rest on the other, the constant bickering continued. Despite both mens effort to not lynch CapitalX they were just outnumbered.

They grabbed CapitalX and brought him to the roof of the very tall Cereal house, hung him upside down and scared the shit out of him for a few so he could reveal the last mafia but CapitalX stayed strong and didn't say anything. Jigsaw was uncontrollably crying saying this was a big mistake and that innocents were going to lose. "His Role held up so fucking Well!" he shouted.

Finally TheHitmanHrt and dan_marino let go out CapitalX as he fell to his death. Afterward they had some cereal and discussed politics then came to check on his role, he was(originally Dagax's role):

Spoiler for Role:
Congratulations, you are Sugar Bear of Golden Crisp, Mafia aligned. You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Serial Killer. With a name as sexy as Sugar Bear you just need to be on mafias side. You’re just so damn cool that you have this cool role:

Each night, you may PM Postage the name of someone who you wish to silence during the next phase of the game, meaning they are unable to post. The next phase of the game will obviously be Day, meaning they cannot post or lynch.

You fellow mafia is


You need to figure out who has what role to make sure you keep in touch

With just one more mafia left the final 6 all had a stare down as they hit the sack.

Night 10 has come, Send in you're roles.

Also: Don't expect Night up till later today, and whoever thought CapitalX was innocent, I suggest you get professional help
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