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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Day 6

One mafia was all that remained. Gathered around the town centre, the residents of Quahog wanted to move fast. RKO920 steps up and says "I say we lynch Spiked." The rest of the citizens are inclined to agree, as he has been right previously. Spiked. says that he is Jillian, to which the town laughs at the claim.

They push him to the rope, fast it around his neck, and release the trapdoor. His neck snaps as he drops to the ground. A card is picked up, and read:

Originally Posted by Spiked.
Congratulations! You are Bertram, Mafia Aligned. You win when the mafia outnumber the town.

You are the rolecop. Each night you may send me the name of a player whom you wish to investigate to determine their role.

After Night 5:

You are the godfather. Each night you may send me the name of a player whom you wish to kill, as well as who will be performing this kill.
The town cheered. The mafia were defeated. However, as night beckoned, they still had 2 remaining enemies.


It is now night 6. Roles plz
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