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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Day 7 - The Biggest kill yet

The cereal characters decided to accuse Rising of being a part of the mafia, The Count begged and pleaded and said that he was one of the innocents and he was not the godfather. A majority vote was achieved and it was time for Rising to finally bite the dust. They had the rope set and they just had to take Hoopstar off of it when they hung him a few days ago. It was all set and ready and Rising was placed on the noose and it was hanging time baby.

At that moment the lights when out and the characters screamed the mafia came in with night vision goggles and AK47's and stole back their godfather, Tony the Tiger quickly turned the lights back on and the mafia with masks on had Rising in hand and were leaving. The innocents rebeled and came back and began to fight with the mafia, what real brawl had broken loose and it was real slobberknocker, bah gawd. Rising was able to get back onto his feet and he realized he left his gun in his room so looks like he had to do this the hard way. The innocents came towards Rising and grabbed him, Rising elbowed one in the jaw and punched the other and knocked him down. The other innocents were to busy fighting the mafia. Rising left to his room and grabbed his gun. But CapitalX jumped on Rising's back and strangled him, rising grabbed his head and flipped him out the window.

Rising re-entered the room on the fight and he shot a gun in there air which startled everyone. He held the gun and said in perfect English " Screw mafia, screw the innocents, it's all me, I'm going to kill each and every single one of you, right here, right now" Let's start with you Hitman, he pointed the gun and shot but Alcoholic shoved him out of the way. Kantos and KIF charged Rising to the wall. Jigsaw nailed Rising with some uppercuts but Rising wasn't really affected. Rising powered out of Kantos and Kif's grip and knocked both of them out with his gun but. Aussiefan and Jigsaw approached and Rising used his Indian fighting skills to roundhouse kick Jigsaw and kick Aussie right in the scrotum. Heat finally hit Rising with a frying pan and he fell to the ground. Titania, dan marino and S-I carried him back the noose and set him up.

Rising awoke and he knew he was a goner, his last act was spitting on the cereal characters and he said some very naughty things. The Cereal characters had a brief discussion about something irrelevant for a while while Rising was waiting for his death. A bored Rising realized he had a knife in his pocket, he quietly cut himself out of the noose and jumped out the window and left. The cereal characters realized 5 minutes later he was gone and they all were pissed. They went outside and saw Rising dead, the second he jumped out the window he was trampled by a gay pride parade that was going on outside.

Titania read his role:

Spoiler for role:
Congratulations, you are Count Chocula, Mafia aligned. You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Cereal Killer. You are that badass Vampire who loves Chocolate and fattening our youth.

You are also the Godfather. You are the head of the Breakfast Cereal mafia, good for you Each Night, you may PM Postage the name of who the Mafia wishes to kill. .A good thing about your role is that you appear Innocent to Investigation.

You're team is


You have to find out the others role by communication.

It's Now Night 7, send me you're roles

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