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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Day 6 - Who saw this coming?

Today was a day like no other, the innocents were looking to lynch another non-innocent and they had a couple of prime suspects to lynch for today. Although majority wasn't reached one man had no intention on waiting any longer, he walked right through the door pulled out his knife and threw it across the room in front of everyone and it nailed one on the innocents in the chest. He dropped dead, it was Browniedude, and just like that the most vocal and valued player in the house was gone. CapitalX read his role

Spoiler for Role:
Congratulations, You are Buzz, the bee. You know the one from Honey nut Cheerios. You are innocent aligned, You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You and youíre mission to have kids eating a healthier breakfast makes you disliked around those other sugary cereal characters. But donít worry, I got youíre back.

You are also the redirector. Whenever you are targeted by an ability, you must redirect it to the target of your choice. You do not know whose ability you redirected, nor do they know that their ability was redirected. Simply making you night immune if you remember to send in youíre role with a random name, if you donít you put yourself at risk of possibly being killed so you need to PM me each night.

It's now Night 6, Send in you're roles

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