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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Night 4: Death to the Cult

The town was generally happy. They had lynched a mafia member, and seemed rather upbeat about things. Night time had previously been bad for them, so they hoped that tonight, things would change.

At the mafia hideout, a plot was formed. Glenn Quagmire must die. So, Patrick Pewterschmidt took off, his mission well known. He ventured through the red-light district, checking into brothel after brothel. No success. He was almost about to give up when he was walking past the cemetery. He noticed a grave had been dug up, and Quagmire was "busy" with one of the corpses. Patrick strolled up and saw the corpse was of his sister, Lois. Quagmire was yelling "giggity, finally nailin' this bitch." As if Patrick didn't have enough motivation before hand, he had it now. He raised his left-arm, and grabbed the wire from his watch. He wrapped it around Quagmire's throat. "Machochism, giggity!" remarked Quagmire, until he realised this wasn't an act of pleasure. Patrick choked Quagmire out with the wire, then snapped his neck in one quick motion. He noticed a card laying on the ground, and picked it up to read:

Originally Posted by Rising
Congratulations! You are Glenn Quagmire, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You are the hider. Each night you may send me the name of a player you wish to hide behind. If you are targetted for death, the person you hide behind will die instead. However, if you hide behind a mafia, you will be killed regardless of being targetted or not.
Over on Spooner Street, another resident was mourning a loss. It was Herbert, who was devastated that the idle of his obsession, Chris, had departed. He moped around the house, waiting for Chris' ghost to appear. "Somethings tellsssss me I'm gonna get lucky tonight" he exclaimed. That's when he noticed the little man across the road, stripping down to his briefs to enter the suntanning bed. Herbert grabbed his walking frame, and started hobbling over. "Mmmmmm," he exclaimed, something stirring down his private area. He walked closer to the tanning bed, and opened it. Then, a voice boomed "What part of 50 feet didn't you understand?" The noise of a laser-powered gun sounded, and Herbert slumped to the ground, his forehead sizzling at the impact site. The little guy jumped down to the ground, and picked up the card:

Originally Posted by C...B...R
Congratulations! You are Herbert, Cult Aligned. You win when the cult is the only group left alive.

You are the cult leader. Each night you may send me the name of a player whom you wish to recruit to your cult. However, you are only allowed a maximum number of 3 cult members at any one time in the cult.
"Victory shall be mine!" he exclaimed, as the sun began to rise


It is now Day 5. With 15 alive, it takes 8 for majority.

The split is:

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