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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Day 4: Finally, a lynch occurs

It had been a very bad night for the town with 3 of them dying. It was clear that the mafia were succeeding in their mission, and it would take something incredible to stop them. The town gathered around the twon centre, discussing the previous night. "Lynch Don.Corleone" one stated, and some people agreed. He professed his innocence, and a debate ensued, before RKO920 stood up "Wait! I'm an investigator, and I am 100% positive that Nov is mafia. Lynch him instead. He's Big Fat Paulie, the one who killed Lois."

The crowd seemed convinced by this, and in a wave, they chanted "Lynch Nov" over and over. Nov tried to run, but his exuberant size hindered his speed, and he was quickly caught. He was dragged to the lynch rope, his head placed inside. The trapdoor was released, and Nov fell through, his neck snapping in an instant, to some of the crowd's delight. As his body hung above the ground, Meg Griffin walked up and grabbed a card that was sticking out of his pocket:

Originally Posted by Nov
Congratulations! You are Big Fat Paulie, Mafia Aligned. You win when the mafia outnumber the town.

You are the roleblocker. Each night you may send me the name of a player whom you wish to block from using their role.
The town rejoiced. There first lynch was a mafia member. Maybe the cause wasn't as lost as they'd thought.


It is now night 4. Send in your roles plz

Oh, and after tonight, I'll post the split.


Word, Dagax and Lephanto have been replaced. Now playing in their shoes are: C...B...R; Capital X and AussieFan

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