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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Night 4 - Pretty Good Night

Well, well, well another night post, another waste of time typing cause I know nobody is going to read this. Let’s just get this over with. LOL~

Mafia was getting really pissed that they couldn’t find the cereal killer and they knew that he was a sneaky one. They all met up in a room and were discussing what they were going to do next, Nov was sitting by the window and he wasn’t really contributing to the discussion, just listening to his ipod. Hands slowly began to appear from the window and they grabbed Nov and he was dragged outside without anyone noticing. A gun shot was heard and Count Chocula looked out the window and saw a masked person run away. “I’ll get you, you son of a bitch“, the Count yelled. Mafia threw Nov into the living room and then “discovered” him dead and notified the innocents. Rising read his role:

Spoiler for Nov's role:
Congratulations, you are Captain Crunch, mafia aligned. You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Cereal Killer. You are a very crafty old man. You look like a decent fellow but you’re really evil at heart. That’s why you are a part of mafia.

You are also the mafia cop. You investigate one player each night and you get to learn that person’s role. This can be useful to detect powerful innocent/indy roles mafia should be aware of.

You are working with


You need to find out who has what role to make sure you are going to keep in contact.

Another non-innocent down, how orgasmic.

Later that night as everyone was asleep Ownage was awake posting on seemed to be a wrestling website, it appeared to be a forum of some sort. The mafia gathered around him, they drag him to the wood as the crazy Count Chocula whipped out a chainsaw and tore Ownage limn from limn

The next morning Ownage’s head was sitting on the kitchen counter with a piece of paper in his throat, Kantos took the paper out and read it:

Spoiler for Ownage's role:
Congratulations, you are Crazy Craving from Honeycomb cereal, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. There no easy way to put this but you are freakin insane. You should be banned from public and locked away somewhere wearing a white vest.

You are also the Skitzo. Each night you target someone and it will randomly protect that player, inspect that player, Kill that player or do nothing.

The fridge once again had that note of the day from the mysterious person, it read “lol, Chelseafan

Most cereal characters ignored it like the other notes.

It’s now day. Lynch someone!

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