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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Day 4 - No Time to Wait

A confused and clueless group had many accusations but no one stuck out enough to fully get the majority lynch, they were a bunch of lazy mother fuckers. Anyway, one man walked into the room looking might slick and cool with a walk similar to a pimps, he had a gun in and said “you guys are totally taking to long with this here lynch, I guess I’ll have to make this decision for you guys"

He pointed the gun at a bunch of characters and then found a target “How about this guy, he seems like a big time threat to the innocents, don’t you think” He shoots the gun and it hit’s the man right between the eyes and he drops down fast.

The Cool gentlemen walks over to the dead guy and picks up the note in his pocket and reads it aloud as the cereal characters gather and listen closely.

Spoiler for Role:

Spoiler for The real deal:
Congratulations you are Baby Tocan, other aligned. You win when all threats to you’re faction have been eliminated.

You are the child of famous Tocan Sam who is also one of the innocents. You are teaming up with you’re brother to win the mafia game. Anyway, you are not a individual. You are more like the second mafia so to speak. No one is aware of this factions existence and you are working small.

You are the Godfather, since you are so puny you can’t actually perform a kill like the real one does but you can put a player in major damage. Each night you may PM me a player and you will knock them out. This means that you will knock them out in the Night write up and their role will be exposed thus putting that player in major jeopardy. You come up innocent under investigation . You ARE able to kill, only twice though, use it wisely.

Here is you’re fellow crew: Instant Classic

But who was this man...it was none other then.....

Spoiler for Who the fuck is it:

The cereal characters were more then happy to hear that the other faction was finally gone. Hight fives all around, now it's time for bed.

It's Now Night 4, PM the roles


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