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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread


After a second successive no lynch, the town was in crisis. The mafia had a clear strangle hold on the town, one they weren't willing to release anytime soon.

Lois was busy walking through town, moping around at last night's events. She dragged her feet behind her. She entered the deli and swiped a bottle of bourbon. She skolled it on her way home. There, she noticed a rather large figure sitting on the couch. "P...Peter," she exclaimed, rather excited, and she stumbled toward the couch, only to see it was her son, Chris. "Mum...Dad's dead. You know that," Chris stated. This set Lois over the edge. She gave Chris a roundhouse kick to the head, knocking him off the couch. She mounted him, driving her knees into his throat. "Mum, stop it. I'm your son. You can't kill me" The words seemingly phased her a little, as she released her grip. Chris grasped for air, and didn't see Lois grab the handgun. She cocked it, pointed at Chris' head. "Mum, nooooooo!" was all Chris could cry as the trigger was squeezed, and the bullet became embedded in Chris' head, his brains scrambling over the floor.

Lois seemed rather upset at what she had done, but a ear-piercing whirring noise started up, and Chris' body exploded, fragments embedding themselves into her body. She valiantly struggled towards the phone for help, but Big Fat Paulie stood in her way. He put her out of her misery with a shotgun. She slumped to the ground. Paulie scanned the scene, nobody around. Although he did notice two cards. He walked over to the card that lay where Chris once did

Originally Posted by S-I
Congratulations! You are Chris Griffin, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You are the bomb. If you are lynched, the last person to cast a vote on you dies as well. If you are killed at night, whoever kills you will also die.
Then, he walked over to Lois' body, and picked up the card sticking out of her pocket

Originally Posted by Kantos
Congratulations! You are Lois Griffin, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You are the vigilante. You are equipped with a gun that can seek vengeance on the scum in the town. However, you only have 4 bullets, so use your kills wisely.
News broke of this double murder, Trisha Takanawa at the scene with a live report. She rambled about stuff, and depicted the gloom that surrounded the events. Back in the studio, Tom Tucker was in hysterics. He found it comical how a mother could shoot her son, then have him explode and kill her. His intense laughter impaired his vision. He didn't see the little man walk into the studio. He didn't see him jump onto the desk. He didn't see the crossbow being taken out, and fired into his chest, then skull. Tom Tucker slumped to the ground, dead. The little man grabbed the card and read it:

Originally Posted by MagsFan
Congratulations! You are Tom Tucker, Innocent Aligned. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You are the investigator. Each night you may send me the name of a player you wish to investigate for that night, and find out their role, which you can then decide upon whether it is suss or not.
It had been a bad night for the town. They citizens clung to the hope that a lynch could be carried out in the daytime.


With 18 alive, it takes 10 for a majority.
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