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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Night 3 - Night Already, it’s been night for like only a couple hours

The cereal characters went to bed really late because of how late they stayed trying to find someone to lynch the day before but they went to bed very happy knowing they lynched the mafia kid RKO920. But in all of these where the hell has Mcqueen been? Many people wondered but thought nothing of it. But one guy did think of it, a lot. This certain individual searched all the rooms and finally saw Mcqueen watching some really strange wrestling in the dark, he had bloodshot eyes and was shaking. He couldn’t see very well in the dark and didn’t know what he was doing. He got out of the room a few moments later with a look of confidence,

The next day the cereal characters came into the room and see Mcqueen dead on the sofa with the strange wrestling still playing on the television.

Ownage read his role

Spoiler for Mcqueen's role:
Congratulations, you are one of Cookie Crisp Crook innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You were a cool cereal mascot but were replaced by a lame wolf that no one likes.

You are an investigator and a mason with you’re partner ****. PM me each night and you will find out a persons character and alignment.

A few cereal character got out of Mcqueens room and heard screaming from the other room, they all rushed over and saw Sticksy who had been beaten very badly, it looked like a mugging lay there in a state of a man who was about to die, they were all shocked because everyone knew that Sticksy was innocent and was against mafia. They were all very upset and once again, they took out his role to remind themselves what Sticksy exactly was again:

Spoiler for Sticksy's role:
Congratulations, you are the Pop Tart, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed.

You are also the pissed off pasty. You are one of many roles. You are the bomb, the last person to lynch you will be killed. If a majority lynch is reached on you again at a later time then you’re dead. You are also a man of revenge, after you’re death, if you are to die that is, you may PM me the name of someone you would like to kill, no matter who it is they will die.

Fail was standing there very upset with the death of his friends Sticksy, he looked over at Emperor_Nas who was in the other room eating cereal with some kind of intentions, he walked over to Nas and said hey and Nas replied back with a hey. Fail put on some gloves and sneakily looked like he was going to do something with Nas while he was distracted eating his delicious cereal. But a needle was shot across the room and Fail dropped dead. Nas then looked over and screamed, everyone ran over and saw that Fail was dead, the took out the paper in his pocket and Aussiefan read it:

Spoiler for Fail's role:
Congratulations, you are Chip the Dog from Cookie Crisp, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are just dieing to steal some cereal from those kids. That’s gimmick infringement as we all know that’s what the Trix Rabbit does you son of a bitch.

Since you love stealing people gimmicks You are also the Role Swaper.

This means at any night phase you may PM me the name of someone and they will swap roles with you the entire game. Meaning they will turn vanilla townie and you take whatever role they had. If you choose a mafia member you will automatically kill them and you will take their spot as mafia. I suggest you observe the game a bit before making this decision. You are not allowed to role reveal this, make something up if you have to.

Another innocent dead, this was not looking good, the innocents gathered themselves together and headed to the dumpster to dump the corpses to the dumpster where they put the other dead cereal characters, as they dumped them in, Instant Classic is back at the house on the phone with someone and he seemd very happy. He said that everything was working out great and no one suspected them. All of a sudden the notorious person in the black ski mask appeared and strangled Instant Classic with a rope, he struggled but the masked person was too strong. He jumped out of the window before the cereal characters entered the room, they saw Instant classic chilling down on the ground and picked up his cell phone off the ground and one of the character asked who it was the person on the other side said that it was their mother and hung up. They saw IC’s role on the ground and read it:

Spoiler for Instant Classics's role:
Congratulations you are Baby Tocan, other aligned. You win when all threats to you’re faction have been eliminated.

You are the child of famous Tocan Sam who is also one of the innocents. You are teaming up with you’re brother to win the mafia game. Anyway, you are not a individual. You are more like the second mafia so to speak. No one is aware of this factions existence and you are working small.

You are the recruiter. At one point in the game you can PM me a name to recruit to you’re team. This is only a one shot deal so make this count. If you want you’re team to see success then you must try to get this extra person on you’re team. He will also lose his role if he joins.

You're Partner and Godfather is ***

Note of the day: "Don't Trust Kantos"

Sticksy post the kill in here. It's now Day 4, start lynching.


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