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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

DAY 3 - RKO920's Words of Truth and Wisdom

After yet another brutal day of lynching and accusing everyone eventually decided to forget about the various people up for lynching and randomly decided that RKO920 was the man to lynch for amazing reasons of course because were dealing with a great group of clue solving super people here. They all gathered around a cocky RKO920 who was sure that he was innocent, the grabbed him, and threw him on to the table and held him down as HeaT grabbed the knife and was going to do the honors of stabbing RKO920. Any last words, Heat asked, rKO920 replied that he was not mafia and all of them were a bunch of bandwaggoing fags. He was stabed multiple times and he was dead.

Nov read his role out loud, he was

Spoiler for RKO920's role:
Congratulations, you are Snap of Rice Krispies, mafia aligned. You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Serial Killer. You decided a long time ago that Crackle and Pop were holding you back. They were keeping you from making it big as a solo character. You were just sick of being part of a Trio and you wanted your own spotlight. Which is why you turned to the dark side and joined mafia

You are also the Role Denier. You may PM me the name of any player and you will block their role. This is crucial. I suggest you go over these things with you’re Godfather and fellow mafia so you can have the best night possible.

You are working with:


It's you're job to find out who has what role to make sure you stay in contact.

The cereal character's cheered and gave out high fives and Invisible took a deep breath of relief as he held the note from earlier that read "He's not Invisible" and put it in his back pocket.

It's Now Night, send in Roles.

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