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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Magsfan was walking to the supermarket to go get some milk, he was very upset because his only real friend in the house was dead. No one wanted to talk or associate themselves with him and he was feeling near suicidal. With so many problems like being killed by the mafia, the cereal killer and being lynched he just the best thing to do was kill himself. He went to the desert with strong winds of a sand storm . He pulled out a dagger and was about to stab himself but a magic being came out of nowhere and began to talk to Magsfan, Magsfan though that he is going insane. It told him that he has a very special gift, the gift of life. The magic being asked Magsfan if he was sure that he wanted to go ahead and kill himself and Magsfan said that life without his Best Friend is not worth living. The magic genie asked if he would give his own life to bring back his friend. Magsfan began to cry as sand blew in his face and he said he would do anything to bring him back from the dead, even kill himself.

The Magic genie granted this wish and bestowed Magsfan the power to revive his friend, he went to his knees looked up into the sky as yelled: “Come back JIGSAW!!!!”

He stabbed himself in the heart and died

Magsfan was:

Congratulations, you are Mini Wheatie, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed.

You are the reviver, at one point in the game you choose someone and you bring them back to life along with their role, but you will be killed in the process. I suggest you sacrifice yourself if you feel it's necessary.

Magsfan dead body laid in the desert with the sandstorm still brewing. A few moments later right behind the cereal house Jigsaw wakes up in a dumpster filled with cereal corpses, he is freaked out and gets out of the dumpster and has no idea what has happened, he wanders back into the house and a house of cereal characters in shock:

It’s still Day 3, go back to lynching

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