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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

That was the plan, but, you failed to lynch again

Day 3: So close, yet so far

Lois was devastated. Her partner was dead. Her companion, her ally. Even her dog. How could she cope. She ventured out of the house, a shell of a person. She walked idly by, ignoring those who tried to speak to her.

Gathered around the town centre, discussion was running rampant on who to lynch today. "Let's lynch Rising" yelled one. "No, lynch Sticksy" yelled another. "Wait a minute...let's lynch Seabs, he's suss" shouted another. This was met with some approval. The accused remained silent, and a ballot took place. 9 raised there hands to kill Seabs, but 11 was needed for it to take full effect. The town desperately tried to secure the final 2 votes, but, the sun set before this could happen. No lynch was performed on Day 3, much the same as Day 2.

The town seemed dispondent, knowing the mafia just got an even bigger edge. The mafia chuckled to themselves inside, the town seemingly killing itself from within.


It is now night. Send in your roles please.

Deadline = 24 hours. No exceptions
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