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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Ladies, stop the bickering.


Emotions were running high. The mafia had the advantage, and with no lynch taking place in the day, that advantage was stretched.

Talk surrounded the Dealer and his actions so far, and Dagax, alongside TheSoulTaker, decided to venture out of their homes.

Outside the shopping complex, Chelseafan was busy trying to dish out coupons for free protection (that had expired). This was a bad move on CF's part, as two townsfolk didn't take to this joke kindly, and swiftly pumped lead into his body, feathers flying everywhere. CF slumped to the ground, as one of the shooters picked up a card that was poking out of his pocket, and read it aloud:

Chelseafan was Ernie the Giant Chicken, Mafia Aligned. He was the recruiter.

The shooters seemed pleased with their work, but grew suss of each other. They both raised their weapons towards one another, then thought better of it, and scurried back to their homes.

Back at one household, dan_marino was downing some Pawtucket Patriots whilst watching KISS saves Santa, when there was a knock at the door. dan got up and made his way to the door, and opened it. He didn't have time to react to what was on the other side, as a samurai sword was embedded into his chest, then yanked upwards. dan slumped to the ground, a card sticking out of his shirt pocket. His killer took the card:

dan_marino was Peter Griffin, Innocent Aligned. He was the legend.

The Griffin family came running down the stairs to hear of the commotion, and saw a tiny, football-head shaped figure fleeing the scene. It was a dark day for the Griffin household indeed.

HBK91 was in tears. His devoted friend of 7 years was gone. The pain was almost unbearable. Well, thankfully for him, another Griffin family member put him out of his misery. A golf club to the head, followed by having his flesh burnt alive did the trick. He grabbed the charred card left on the ground, and read it:

HBK91 was Brian Griffin, Mafia Aligned. He was a recruited tracker.


It is now Day 3. With 21 alive, it takes 11 to reach majority.

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