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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Night 2

Zerling_Seb's Self Righteous Suicide

Sticksy was walking along when he slipped on a bananas peel and was knocked out cold. Chelseafan happened to be walking by and read his role:

Sticksy was Knocked out:

Congratulations, you are the Pop Tart, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed.

You are also the pissed off pasty. You are one of many roles. You are the bomb, the last person to lynch you will be killed. If a majority lynch is reached on you again at a later time then you’re dead. You are also a man of revenge, after you’re death, if you are to die that is, you may PM me the name of someone you would like to kill, no matter who it is they will die.
Sticksy woke up and grabbed the note out of Chelseafan hand and ran away.

As the dealer sleep the man in the ski mask appeared once again after slaying Jigsaw, he saw the Dealer fast asleep and he shoves a spoon down his throat causing him to choke and die.

TheDealer was dead he was:

You are a generic brand, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are that cheap knockoff cereal that taste terrible and everyone hates.

Since you are such a good imitator, You are also the Jack of all Trades meaning you can do the following each night: investigate, protect, role block and kill. You can use each role only ONCE! Once you have used all of you’re options you are on your own pal so use these wisely.

Zerling_seb had a very large sweater and it looked bumpy, he threw off the sweater revealing many explosives and gadgets. "Time to die he said, he went over To Chelseafan and Kantos who were enjoying some cereal and was going to blow the three of them into the stone age. Fortunately a man swung in from a rope and kicked Zerling_seb out the window and an explosion is heard. The characters go outside and see a paper next to his decapitated head, it read:

Zerling_seb was dead he was:

Congratulations , you are Toucan Sam from Fruit Loops, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are a bird with the big colorful beak and blue fur. You are also a flaming Homosexual.

You are also the suicide bomber , since you are bullied so much by you’re little nephews so much you can’t handle life anymore, you want to die but you‘re deranged mind wants you to bring a couple people down with you. So you wont be lasting till the end of the game but you could be a very big help to the innocents. You must commit suicide before Day 4 begins. So you need to PM me between Night 1-3 to tell me when you will suicide bomb. With that PM you need to also give 2 names that will go down along with you, if you feel that you are unable to guess the mafia then you can quietly die without taking a life or just take one. If you are lynched then you do not get to use this role. So being lynched Day 1 is something you do not want.

Sucks but I had to do it.

The mafia was still looking for the biggest threat to them in the house, the notorious cereal killer, the searched ever room in the house but couldn't find a trace. They saw one of the character chilling by the Television by himself and the godfather blasted him as the bullet came right towards him he shielded himself with a magic cloak and it bounced off and nailed one of the mafia members in he heart. It was Don.Corleone.

Don.Corleone was dead he was:

Congratulations, you are Boo Berry, mafia aligned, You win when you outnumber the innocents and get rid of the Serial Killer. You are that weird ghost that freaks people out. There is suspicion of others that you might be mentally challenged. But that’s a different story.

Anyway, You are also the recruiter, this means that each night, you may PM me the name of an innocent and they will be given the option to join your Mafia. Your identity will remain concealed should they turn you down. If a person does join however, they will lose any roles they had when innocent and wont gain a new role. You only have 2 shots at this so make it count.

you're mafia is:


To make sure you keep in contact I wont tell you who has what role, find out yourself
The cereal characters were somewhat happy and were reveled that Zerling_seb's act of terrorism was blocked by a man with a big heart. As they all went to go eat breakfast they saw yet another not on the refrigerator and it read

"He isn't Invincible”

They all looked at Invinsible who was in the toilet grunting pretty loudly.

It's Now Day 3, Start Lynching

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