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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread


Epic FAIL-ure

After a brutal second day of accusing and pointing fingers for hours and hours all the cereal characters finally decided that Fail was acting the most suspicious and should be killed. Fail pleaded with everyone saying he was a good guy and he did not deserve to be killed, some people took a moment to hear him out but most people knew he was full of shit. They grabbed Fail and tied him up head to toe with rope and placed him on a railroad track in the desert a half mile away from the cereal house. It was a little windy and sand was blowing in the air and the sunset was approaching. They watched as a train made its way towards them. Fail screamed and began to cry, he said he was sorry and that he is a changed man and that he would never hurt anyone again, he said he knew who mafia was and if you let him go he’d reveal all of them but it was too late, the train eventually ran over Fail and blood splattered on everyone and Invincible picked up a note laying on the ground and read it aloud:

Spoiler for Fail's role::
Congratulations you are, Little Shanikwa Baxter, the most ghetto fabulous girl around. You win when you are the last man I mean woman standing., HEY HEY HEY! Individual aligned You’re the kid undercover as a cereal character.

You are the food poisoner , each night you pm me someone you would like to poison with you’re shitty infected cereal. You have 2 kinds of poison, one kind is a super poison which will automatically kill the player the next phase. And you have another poison that silences someone for the next day/night phase while they recover from the illness you gave them. You have two of each. So simply put you have two kills and two silences. Use it wisely.

The cereal characters cheered and Invincible had a sadistic smile on his face, his good friend Spiked was finally avenged. Everyone headed back into the house to get some shut eye but CapitalX stayed behind and squatted next to Fail’s squished coarse. He laughs and says to the coarse “You know when you fight against the best, you’re going to lose and you are a loser Fail, you lost to me, CapitalX, the greatest cereal character alive” He got up and put on a Indiana Jones like hat and walked away and he saw a note blowing in the wind and he picked it up and read it, it was the note from earlier today that read “CapX is mafia” CapitalX eyes widened and got really tense and began to breath heavily, he looked around to see if anyone was there, he stuffed the note in his pocket and took off to get some sleep.

It’s Now Night 2. Send me the Roles.. send them sooner rather then later please.

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