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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Originally Posted by Doddsy View Post
Just got my role in

Here's my sus list (no paticular order)
1. Spiked
2. Nov
3. Heat (not as much)

They have all been pretty sus throughout the game
Why did you let the mafia know you have a role?

Originally Posted by ۩_JiGSaW_۩ View Post
I'm now thinking that Spiked. is a innocent. He's not a very bright player though. He's been trying so, so hard to not get lynched and nobody has been backing him up. He just looks like a dumb innocent to me.
Originally Posted by TheDealer View Post
Its smart if hes mafia, even you should know that. But really, you are not the person to be calling people dumb.
Nah it's not. As it draws attention to himself.
Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Lynch: Don Corleone

BrownieDude is great into manipulating people.
Wut? Why the last sentetnce...why agree with him if he's manipulating you?

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post

Lynch Capital X

Mafia are using reverse psychology and Fail is innocent. X coming out and assuming Fail was mafia, his role more like a MAFIA investigator than innocent and mafia planting the clue saying his name point to a premeditated reverse psychology ploy.

Proof, no, but one of them is obviously lying.

Fail, do you believe Capital X is mafia?
Wow. So you go with a dodgy role over our investigator. Ok.

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post

A bit rash of me, yeah if Fail already HAS a role its kind of redundant for him to then find someone.

My gripe is this:

INNOCENT investigators get just alignment, or occasionally you get a pure role checker. Innocent investigators NEVER find out characters unless they get alignment as well.

MAFIA investigators get role and allegiance and character. This explains everything and the fact he doesn't get allegiance gives him an alibi if Fail is innocent.
So he backtracks. The investigator bit is probably right..but his character hold up and X had no reason to claim if not.

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post
Lynch Capital X

Nice try, but you are mafia. Fits perfectly, especially when you know he has killing power that you are driving his lynch.

Your investigation role I have never seen for an innocent investigator. I have seen investigators receive everything, just alignment or just role, but role and character without alignment I have never seen.

Mafia investigator, you planted the clue to get suspicion off you with reverse psychology and the non-existent character of Fail is laughable. Get the ESACT spelling from your PM of Fail's character.
WTF make your damn mind up.

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post
Still am doubtful of C-X's role. Come on... character and role not alignment? Thats a bit redundant since according to Postage the mafia characters should be obvious.

Its also a bit redundant if he gave Fail that double role. So I really don't know.

Wow. So what...is there 2 different people posting under your account You seem unsure. WHy try to start a lynch on someone who's very probably our investigator.

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post

Lynch Fail

He would have been notified of his loss of power by now if his role was true.

Also Shanikwa Baxter is clearly invented by either Postage or C-X. My guess is Postage.
Well yea..that'd make more sense.

Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post
Something just isn't right here. Its that fucking character, shanikwa baxter.
Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post
Fail at 9:36 PM:

My character is Heftie the Hippo. I am one of Coco's friends and I need to find him.

CapitalX at 9:37 PM:

The Food Poisoner seems Mafia to me.

CapitalX at 9:38 PM:

Actually no you're character is Little Shanikwa Baxter (sp?)

I actually get BOTH role & Character nice try mr. mafiaoso.

Lynch: Fail

If X invented that little girl he sure as hell did fast, unless of course it was premeditated. If it was premeditated, we have a pretty good idea who the mafia are.

Fail seems more likely.
Yea..and why did it take so long for you to realise this
Originally Posted by BrownieDude View Post
If it is Postage's work, Fail is guilty.

If it is C-X's work, he is guilty.

X's role does NOT exist in standard mafia. Get any experienced player to confirm this. Its almost ludicrous to give character and role but not alignment. For innocents this is.

Fail's claim seems a bit dubious, although he has justified himself well.

I give up. Good luck guys, hope by morning we get somewhere.
There's no such thing as standard mafia, all about breaking the meta.

And investigator > 2 shot vig. So even on that alone people should have been wanting to lynch Fail.

BD worries me. I thought he was fucking around to avoid being night killed yesterday but today his position on this lynch is strange.
I'll be interested in Fail's alignment. Should help me think things through, looks like mafia trying to derail his buddy's lynch here though, IMO.
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