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Re: Breakfast Cereal Mafia Gameplay thread

Night One: The Innocent Massacre of 2008.

While most of the cereal characters were safely sleeping their beds, there were quite a few awake and they were up to no good. Invincible woke up in the middle of the night and saw there was some cereal at his night stand. There was a note on the Cereal and it says “ Someone likes you, from me to you, see you soon sexy”

Invincible was a little freaked out and he went over to his friend Spiked’s room and woke him up to talk about the love note. Spiked explained that this was great and he’s going to get laid but Invincible said that everyone here was a dude. Spiked suggested that Titania gave it to him and invincible blushed and went back to bed. He left his cereal there and Spiked was going to give it back but he felt hungry and ate the whole bowl.

He began to start coughing and he grasped his throat for air, he turned red and blue and eventually dropped dead. Invincible came back in to see if everything was alright and he that Spiked had been food poisoned. Invincible lay there at 3 in the morning crying his eyes out. He then saw on Spiked’s pillow a note which he read:

Spiked was:

Congratulations, you are CoCo the monkey, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed.

You are one of those less important cereal characters that none really knows, I needed a filler character so I looked up some really old and unpopular cereal from the 70‘s. But you know what is important? You’re role that’s what. You drove all the cereal characters to the party Night Zero which makes you The Bus Driver.

At Night you PM me two names to switch places . They are switched for that night phase. Anything that happens to one of the two people chosen (Targeted by a cop, mafia, Vig etc..) actually happens to the other person. So for example if the Cereal killer targets to kill Person A then person B is the one who dies. Good Luck.

The night didn’t end there as someone in a skit mask entered the overly cocky and quick Jigsaw’s room with a bowl of milk and brass knuckles. Jigsaw woke up and before he could scream the killer covered his mouth with duct tape. He thre Jigsaw at the wall and beat the living hell out of him. A bloodied and beaten Jigsaw had his head thrown into a big bowl of milk as the killer forcefully shoved Jigsaw’s head into. 30 seconds later Jigsaw stopped struggling and was dead, he drowned in a bowl of milk.

In the morning the Cereal characters discovered Jigsaw’s head in a bowl and knew he was done for, KeepitFresh read his role aloud..

Jigsaw was:

Congratulations, you are Fred Flintstone , innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You are the character representing one of my personal favorite cereals and that’s Fruity Pebbles. Damn I love that cereal.

You are also unlynchable, why, I don’t know but you just are. Be happy about it.

S-I was taking a stroll around the neighborhood at 3 am and was whistling to himself quietly while listening to the backstreet boys on his Ipod mini. shortly afterward he was attacked by a group of crazy cereal characters. S-I was tied up and was dragges to the dungeon in the basement was was tortured for several hours. "What do you know, where's the cereal killer at?" said the leader of the group. S-I was in tears but didn't say anything, he claimed that he didn't know anything. The head of the gang whipped out his 9 millimeter and pointed it at S-i's head and said "I'm Count Chocula, bitch" he shot hi brains out and left him for dead in the foggy and cold night.

S-I was:

Congratulations, You are Sonny of Coco Puffs, innocent aligned. You win when all non-innocents have been killed. You’re just crazy about them, that’s all you think about. Not even the meds or therapy saved you from this addiction of sugary chocolate balls.

You are also the double lyncher, each Day phase during the lynching process whoever you lynch will count as two.

But, wait there’s more. You also get night ability as well. Don’t you just love me? Anyway you may PM me the name of a player and you will go “ Cookoo” close to them which will confuse them. Thus making them lose their night ability for that phase. Basically a role blocker. You may not choose the same person twice in a row.

After a brief mourning ceremony was held for the lost innocents everyone went back in to discuss the lynch and a note was discovered on the counter it read: "CapX is mafia"

What the hell does that mean?

It's Now Day 2 with 17 for a lynch


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