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Re: Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Night 1

Following the events of the day, the townsfolk were rather bemused by the death of Opie, but still worried that the mafia prescence was still around. The mafia on the other hand were in hysterics, a joyful mood, pleased that citizens were sacrificing themselves.

TheHitmanHart was cleaning his store, when he noticed a noise outside. He raised his broom, and slowly approached the window. A dark figure was standing outside the shop, armed with a rifle. They raised it up, about to fire, when a rather large man, also walking past, saw what was happening and yelled out "Hey, you." This startled the figure, and he took off running, HitmanHart apparently saved.

Sadly, the same could not be said for others. Postage was hidden within the Griffin household. He was busy plotting his next appearance to one member of the family, when the closet door jolted open. Postage looked up, and went to point, but was blasted with a golf club to the head, cracking open his skull. As the blood seeped from the wound, Postage's attacker noticed a card nestled beside him. He picked it up, and read it:

Postage was The Evil Monkey, mafia aligned. He was the silencer.

On the other side of town, in a rather large mansion, Hoopstar was fast asleep. Unbeknownst to him though, trouble loomed. A large man was quietly entering his house, and making his way to the bedroom. There, he grabbed his pistol, and put it right up to the forehead of Hoopstar. He awoke and screamed, but the trigger was pulled, and Hoopstar's brains were scrambled over the bedspread. The killer stood there, pleased with his work, and glad that his boss would be happy. As he left, he noticed a card on the nightstand. He took it, and read it:

Hoopstar was Mayor Adam West, Innocent Aligned. He was the Mayor, and had double lynch power.

This was a mixed night for the town, a mafia member was dead, but so was the mayor. The day will certainly be of great interest.

With 24 alive, it takes 13 for a majority.
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