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Family Guy Mafia Game Thread

Family Guy Mafia

Currently: GAME OVER

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day/Night 7
Day 8

Day 0

Gathered within the theatre, watching a performance, the residents of Quahog are enjoy a night out. However, within the audience, lurked a major threat to the town. A group of disgruntled citizens had decided to take control of the town, and shape it in their own image. Majority of the citizens were innocent, law-abiding people, and some were out for themselves.

During intermission, the lights flickered off, and silence reigned throughout the theatre, when a thud was heard. The lights came back on, and sXe_extremist was dead. He was Carter Pewterschmidt, Innocent Aligned.

The citizens of Quahog were shocked, and frightened, who would have killed such an esteemed member of society. Then, a booming voice echoed throughout the theatre: “We are the mafia of Quahog, and are going to take control of this town by eliminating you one by one. You’re days are numbered, haha.”
With that, the town dispersed, trying to work together to find who these mafia members were and then eliminating the threat by lynching them.


Current Players:

1. ۩_JiGSaW_۩ (Opie, Innocent Aligned)
2. Sticksy Stewie Griffin, Individual Aligned
3. Chelseafan Ernie the Giant Chicken, Mafia Aligned
4. TheDealer Death, Mafia Aligned
5. Rising Glenn Quagmire, Innocent Aligned
6. HBK91 Brian Griffin, Mafia Aligned
7. TheSoulTaker Dr Hartman, Innocent Aligned
8. Instant Classic™ Patrick Pewterschmidt, Mafia Aligned
9. Seabs Neil Goldman, Innocent Aligned
10. HBKBentleyMM Meg Griffin, Innocent Aligned
11. MagsFan Tom Tucker, Innocent Aligned
12. Kantos Lois Griffin, Innocent Aligned
13. dan_marino Peter Griffin, Innocent Aligned
14. RKO920 Joe Swanson, Innocent Aligned
15. Emperor_NaS Cleveland Brown, Innocent Aligned
16. Hoopstar Adam West, Innocent Aligned
17. Dagax {replaced by Capital X} Rupert, Individual Aligned
18. Word {replaced by C...B...R} Herbert, Cult Aligned
19. Perfect Poster Greased-up Deaf Guy, Innocent Aligned
20. TheHitmanHart Mort Goldman, Innocent Aligned
21. Lephanto {replaced by AussieFan} Tricia Takanawa, Innocent Aligned
22. Spiked. Bertram, Mafia Aligned
23. S-I Chris Griffin, Innocent Aligned
24. Don.Corleone Horace, Innocent Aligned
25. BrownieDude Diane Simmons, Innocent Aligned
26. Nov Big Fat Paulie, Mafia Aligned
27. Postage Evil Monkey, Mafia Aligned

Replacement List:


*** Innocents win ***


- All general rules apply. No outside talking about mafia unless the role you have permits it. Mafia members are free to talk amongst one another

- Lack of activity will be noted and you will be replaced. If someone isn't carrying their weight, inform me (I'll probably notice) and we'll get things done

- Breaking of any post restrictions will be an instant modkill

- Roles were randomised. Not happy with it, well, tough titties. All roles are fun in some way, shape or form.

- If roles fail to be sent in, it's your mistake. I will set a night deadline for roles to be received by. If a lynch is missed, well, again, tough titties, the game will continue.

- Best of luck to all, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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