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Re: The Retro Club


The graphics are very nice and colourfull but nothing amazing. The backdrops are nice and each level definately gives it's own unique feel. The level designs are nice, though sometimes can be a bit repetative, such as slopes with fire wheels or spikes.

The gameplay is challenging, which is a suprise given that it's aimed at younger gamers. The puzzles (and the bosses) are pretty easy to figure out. A few minor glitches can cause a few annoyances, such as falling through plungers when trying to scale walls. Backtracking through levels is a bit of a pain aswell. There aren't alot of different enemies, with only a few specific to each level. I found jumping wasn't as sensitive as it could be, leading to me not jumping when i wanted to a certain times. Donald has three weapons to choose from, plunger ammo(which gets upgraded as you progrees through the game),popcorn ammo and bubblegum ammo, though I found myself just using plunger ammo unless a puzzle required me to use another.

The music is enjoyable and adds a nice light mood to the game but it's nothing amazing. Quackshot's sound effects are decent.

Overall Quackshot is a great example of how Disney games can appeal to more than just younger gamers. It's pretty short though at times can get pretty challenging. The story is very generic but you can't really expect anything much from a Disney game. I haven't played many Genesis games so i can't really compare it to other games from that era. It's far from being a great game in my opinion but it's pretty good none the less.

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