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Re: The Retro Club

Completed QuackShot. It's an excellent platforming adventure that succeeds on every level. Alluring and exciting. As enjoyable as it was in my youth.

Visually, QuackShot is fab, with superlative sprites and stunning backgrounds giving it an almost cartoon-like appearance. Bright and detailed. Much like Castle Of Illusion, all the stages are diverse and well-drawn. The South Pole level looks gorgeous, with its colourful snowy tones and mutiple levels of waves and clouds passing by. Mexico is a mix of orange and yellow, with it mountain peaks and desert sands. The Duckberg cityscape is also impressive. Together with rapid animation and moving textures, QuackShot looks amazing. Graphically excellent.

QuackShot's gameplay is more complicated than most Sega/Disney titles. Donald's working inventory is extremely intuitive. Be it a key, ancient scroll or mystical staff, each item has a specific purpose. An important factor that now features prominently in many franchises, i.e. Tomb Raider/Worms/Resident Evil. Non-linear gameplay allows you to visit almost all of the game's stages in just about any order. This is a nice touch, available in very few Genesis/Megadrive games.

Donald has a large repertoire of moves, ranging from slide to dash to 'Quack Attack'. The weapon's system is well developed. Certain blocks must be destroyed with bubblegum, while popcorn is the only weapon that will eliminate enemies. The most versatile armament is Donald's yellow plunger gun. It can be upgraded twice; once to stick to walls (red), allowing Donald to climb to out of reach areas. And again (green) to allow him to stick to flying critters and pass over canyons and wide spaces. For a Genesis/Megadrive platformer, that's advanced and impressive.

Longtime Sega fans will recognise the music immediately. It's composed by Bo (Kamiya Studio) and is extremely memorable. The 'Duckberg' theme is a favourite of mine, with its harmonica melody and and bouncing riff. The spooky Transylvanian motif, and jaunty 'Hideout' are both aural treats. QuackShot's sound effects are also good. When a plunger hits an enemy, a distinct thud rings out. Donald's cries of pain are authentic and convincing. Brilliant and addictive.

QuackShot is extremely entertaining, fun to play. The storyline is interesting and engaging. Having found a treasure map, Donald goes in search of King Garuzia's treasure. Hints of Indiana Jones hit home, adding depth and familiarity to the plot. The game's puzzles and side scrolling don't disappoint. The Maharajah maze and Egyptian mine cars break up the platforming action.

However, the game is a bit too slow paced at times, the early screens in particular. As you progress, things get tricky but never really difficult. AI stays at a similar level. Bosses fail to offer a real challenge, with Count Duckula and Pete easily beatable. QuackShot appeals more to younger, rather than hardcore/adult gamers as a result.

Ultimately, QuackShot is an exemplary game and highly recommended. Fun and enjoyable. The title has replay value; I found completing it once wasn't enough. Anyone with a Genesis/Megadrive should have a copy of QuackShot in their library. Outstanding, both at its time and by today's standards.

TOTAL: 19/20


1. Find bubblegum ammo

2. Have a 'Quack Attack'

3. Find the secret room in the Pyramid

4. Find the Viking Diary

5. Complete the game

6. Obtain over 350,000+ points

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