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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


zergling_seb Made up his mind he was going to use his last bullet on S-I. He walked right up to him pointed his gun right in his face. S-I then pulled out a smoke bomb from his pocket. zergling_seb see's it in time and shoots it. Smoke fills up every where when it clears S-I is holding up a sword. S-I swings and misses. Nov has found S-I's weapons he see's another sword and he picks it up and tosses it to zergling_seb. zergling_seb then hits S-I and knocks him to the ground he jumps and stabs S-I in the chest put S-I pulls his sword in front of him and zergling_seb lands on it. Both fall to the ground and both are dead.

zergling_seb was.

you are Barry Burton S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned appears as the primary supporting character in Jill's story in the original Resident Evil. He only appears in Chris' story during the opening cut-scene and is not seen afterward. He is a SWAT team veteran who serves as Alpha Team's back-up man and weapons specialist has a fascination for firearms, being a member of the NRA.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: You are the triple voter your vote counts as three instead of the normal one.

And on Night 2
The legend gave him the role of.

Your Role: The 3 shot killer . you can kill during night and day but your gun only has three bullets which means 3 kills use wisely

S-I was
You are Jack Krauser a mercenary hired to do Saddler's bidding. Originally a US government operative who turned his back on his friends to join the mafia umbrella.

You win when you out number the innocents

Your Role: Ninja You can not be tracked and you are immune to others people roles/powers you can not be killed at night only by a lynch you will be killed.

Nemesis - mafia bodyguard - Sticksy
Ramon Salazar - Silencer - Postage
Bitores Mendez - Mafia Cop - TheDealer
William Birkin - The mafia chemist -Forum B!tch
Osmund Saddler - The Godfather - Chelseafan

Heat, Nov, jax_the_ax and C...B...R were the last alive they had won. They send him a flair signal. A plane came and returned them to their home.


you are Steve Burnside S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned He was imprisoned in the Rockfort Island's facility alongside his dad, a former Umbrella employee. He escapes from his cell during the viral outbreak. At first, he is hesitant to trust Claire and only cooperates with her reluctantly, but later becomes more open and attached to her after he is forced to kill his own father, who has become a zombie during the outbreak.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: is that once during the game you can over-ride the lynch of anyone (except yourself) and they will not be lynched that day, instead someone of your choosing will be.

You Are Ada Wong S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned you appeared as a supporting character who cooperates with Leon S. Kennedy, one of the main characters, claiming to be searching for her missing boyfriend. She is later exposed as a spy working for an unnamed organization, assigned to steal the G-Virus.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The Governor you can stop a person from being lynch by telling the mod then night comes right after you cannot stop you own lynch and cannot stop the lynch of a person two times in a row.

jax_the_ax WAS
you are Marvin Branagh S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned a surviving R.P.D. officer whom the player meets after their arrival at the precinct. The character is not named until Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, in which he briefly appears also. Marvin, already suffering from a fatal wound and succumbing to the T-Virus, urges the player to locate any survivors and provides them with a card key before locking himself inside the west office and becoming a zombie.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: You don't have one sorry . you are a vanilla townie but are still very important because you can still vote and kill off the mafia.

C...B...R WAS
you are Joseph Frost S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned A member of Alpha Team, once a Navy SEAL he's spent alot of time at the front lines and is more then happy to take the dangerous position during all field operations.Scared to death of dogs due to an attacked he sustained from one on a Navy SEAL's mission. He is killed off by Cerberus after he discovers the body of Kevin Dooley during the introductory sequence of the first Resident Evil. He is the team's resident vehicle expert and the only camera mounted Alpha team member.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: You don't have one sorry . you are a vanilla townie but are still very important because you can still vote and kill off the mafia.


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