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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


The Innocents were very happy that they killed The Godfather. But what they did not know that for the innocents this would be their greatest night yet. Postage was in the mansion using the rest room. He left the rest room thinking he was safe. The lights started to go off on and on. Postage scared that he was followed ran out of the mansion. A man dressed in the ski mask was back he ran right after Postage. Postage ran right into a field. The man stopped and smiled. Postage noticed that the man stopped. Postage was concussed he begin to walk off. He had not known the man planted some mines in the ground. Postage almost out of the field stepped on one of the mines and blew up into many pieces.

Postage was.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats You are Ramon Salazar who comes from a noble family, who were responsible for sealing the Las Plagas beneath the castle's grounds. Years later, Saddler, a cultist who worships Las Plagas, persuades Salazar to unearth the parasites, causing them to spread across the local area.

You win when you out number the innocents

Your Role: Silencer each night you pm me a name and for one day and night they can not post. Or they will be mod killed.

After DAY 5
Your Role: You are the Godfather You pm me the name of a person each night and that person will be killed please talk with follow mafia members.

Nemesis - ***
Osmund Saddler - The Godfather - Chelseafan
Bitores Mendez - Mafia Cop - TheDealer
William Birkin - The mafia chemist - Forum B!tch
Jack Krauser - ***
The man was happy with yet another kill. He went back to his tent he removed his ski mask and was getting ready for a night of sleep. He lays down in his bed and closes his eyes. He feels something crawling on him it's a boa constrictor it wraps it's self around the man and tightens until the man dies. some one enters and picks up the boa constrictor he drops something on his way out as he leaves. Heat see's some one running from the tent. He goes and checks. He see's the man dead and picks his pocket and finds out that. It was Don.Corleone.

Don Corleone was
Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats You are Alfred Ashford the manager of the Rockfort Island facility and the seventh generation master of the once prestigious Ashford family. Alfred, along with Alexia are genetically altered twins created by their father from Veronica Ashford's DNA.
You are mason aka individual aligned

You win when the mafia and innocents are killed off you can also communicate with your sister Alexia Ashford (dan_marino)

Your Role: You are the Serial killer each night you pm me a name and that person will be killed. Unless they are protected or have a role that blocks that kill.
Then he notices that their was a cd on the ground it was Led Zeppelin IV. He picks it up and say's what is this doing on the floor??

It is now day with 12 players alive it's 6 for a lynch.

Strain = Lemon Cookies

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