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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)

Everyone was busy deciding who to lynch.

chelsafan: I say we should Lynch Postage.

Postage: No he's a lair We should lynch chelsafan.

The rest of the people were confused and did not now who to lynch. They were busy thinking when out of no where a shot is heard chelsafan has been shot and another shot is heard again and again chelsafan is shot. He hold his chest and blood is pouring out of his mouth chelsafan begins to cough blood. But some how say's.

chelsafan: Fuck all of you.

chelsafan collapses on the ground and dies.

Kantos picks up a letter that was in chelsafan pocket it read.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
You are Osmund Saddler the leader of Los Illuminados in resident evil 4. You are now the leader of the mafia version of the evil corporation known as Umbrella. Saddler then wishes to control the Umbrella and seize control of the US, and then the world. He uses samples of Las Plagas to infect and control villagers and even a local castellan to perform his bidding

You win when you out number the innocents

Your Role: You are the Godfather You pm me the name of a person each night and that person will be killed please talk with follow mafia members.

Nemesis - ***
Ramon Salazar - ***
Bitores Mendez - Mafia Cop - TheDealer
William Birkin - The mafia chemist - Forum B!tch
Jack Krauser - ***

The people didn't know what the hell happened but they were please with the death of the godfather.

It is now night time please send roles.

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