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Re: The Retro Club

Just finished Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. An outstanding SNES game, and a landmark in platform gaming. Worthy of all the critical praise it received on release.

Impressive and unique level design. Excellent 3D rendered characters and environments. Vivid and colourful. The extreme yellows of Hornet's Hole contrast well with the pale blue(s) of Arctic Abyss. A visual treat.

Enjoyable and challenging. Solid controls that take effort to master (i.e. the 'roll jump'). Decent plot. Well-hidden secrets and easter eggs force the player to explore stages throughly. The ability to control a variety of animals (Rambi, Engarde) is a brilliant addition. Difficulty level progresses naturally. While Donkey Kong Country 2 plays very similar to the original, the sequel contains many improvements and added depth.

Excellent soundtrack, with each musical piece differing from the next. Highly atmospheric and effective. The score accompanying Windy Well is brilliant, and matches Squawk's flight perfectly. The defeat music matches it designated level. Nice attention to detail. An enjoyable listen.

Very entertaining throughout, if slightly repetitive. Levels such as Rickety Race break up the platforming action. Bonus stages and trivia challenges a nice touch. Ability to re-visit levels and navigate map also effective. Frustration does set in during later levels however. Climbing sections will require numerous plays (e.g. Toxic Tower). As do harder bosses. Their patterns must be learnt if you are to advance (Kreepy Krow's egg attack). Final cutscene(s) conclude game nicely, whilst leaving room for a sequel.

TOTAL: 19.5/20
A near perfect SNES title. Recommended. A cornerstone in retro gaming.

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