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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


۩_JiGSaW_۩ was reading in his tent. When sXe_extremist pulled him out.

sXe_extremist: Ok you pain in the ass it's time for you to die.


sXe_extremist: shut the fuck up.

He brings ۩_JiGSaW_۩ to the side of the island where jax_the_ax and Rising were.

jax_the_ax: Look what I found swimming around.

In the water their were a few sharks.

Rising: They look hungry. We should give them something to eat.

۩_JiGSaW_۩: No don't do it.

sXe_extremist pulls out a letter from ۩_JiGSaW_۩ pocket. Then ۩_JiGSaW_۩ was tossed in with the sharks. ۩_JiGSaW_۩ tried to swim back but the shark ate his leg off then another shark took his arm off. They took turns until there was nothing left.

sXe_extremist read the letter.

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You are Billy Coen S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned A convicted former marine, Billy is sentenced to death for allegedly murdering 23 people, but manages to escape from a military transport vehicle en route to his execution. He seeks refuge in the Ecliptic Express, a stranded train, where he meets Rebecca Chambers. The two form an alliance in order to survive. The two use their talents to discover the Umbrella Corporation’s secrets.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The bulletproof - you can't be killed at night only at day from a lynch.

It's now night send your roles.

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