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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


The innocents were happy they had gotten rid of a threat but they would of been happier if they would of gotten rid of a mafia member but what they had not know is that there wish were going to come true. On a part of the island near a volcano we see Forum B!tch walking around she had gotten a letter to meat some one their.

Forum B!tch: I wish they would hurry up it's getting late.

Just then a man in a ski mask walks up to her and put's a cloth over her mouth. Forum B!tch is knocked out. The man then drag's her up the side of the volcano as they make their way up something falls out of the pocket of Forum B!tch. They reach the top. The man picks her up and holds her to the side of the volcano. And he tosses her in. Forum B!tch is dead. The man laughs he see's people coming towards him and runs off.

Nov and sXe_extremist saw what had happened but to late to save anyone they reach the top of the volcano to find a letter it read.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats you are You are DR. William Birkin You are the inventor of the deadly T Virus and G Virus. You are the sole reason for the start of the zombies and mutants that are terrorizing the world.

You win when you out number the innocents

Your Role: The mafia chemist PM me a name of a person and that person will be infected with the T Virus that person must find you to live if they do not find you in three day's that person then dies you may use this twice but only when the first person dies is when you can use it again.

Nemesis - ***
Ramon Salazar ***
Bitores Mendez - Mafia Cop - TheDealer
Osmund Saddler ***
Jack Krauser ***
The went back to tell the rest of the death of a mafia member.

On another part of the island TheHitmanHart is making a fire to keep him self warm. A man sneaks up behind him with a gun he point it to the back up his head but he steps on a branch. TheHitmanHart hears and get's up he see's the man and kicks the gun out of his hand. He try's to punch the man but the man ducks TheHitmanHart get's kicked in the gut and falls down. The man runs over to he gun but TheHitmanHart reaches it first he punches the man. He then mounts the man and lays punches right into him he stomps on him a few times he then points the gun to him and right then a another man in a tree with a sniper riffle shoots and kills TheHitmanHart. The man on the ground bloody and bruised get's up confused he see's the sniper and runs off. A book falls from the tree. zergling_seb who was asleep wakes up he goes to check out what the noise was he finds TheHitmanHart dead he picks up a leter from his body and reads.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats You are Leon Kennedy S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned. A hero from the popular resident evil video game you are a top member of the anti zombie force known as S.T.A.R.S. You must ride the world of umbrella/ Mafia.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: You are The Legend. Each night, excluding the first night, you may PM me the name of someone, and assign them a role from someone who has died during the game. If there are several people dying, make sure you specify which role you are handing out. If the person has a role, they can either stick with the one they have, or change to the one you have given them. Be warned, if you give a mafia member a role, they will keep their current ability, and the one you have given them.
zergling_seb then finds the book it looks like a kind of book that collectors have. But who did it belong to and what did the person collect.

zergling_seb runs back to tell everyone about the horrible news.

It is now day with 17 people alive it's 8 for a lynch.

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