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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


A crowd surrounded Dan_Marino and all decided that he was going to be killed.

Dan_Marino: No wait I'm Joseph Frost you have to believe me.

The crowd got quite and left him alone would they believe him. Dan_Marino felt safe and let out a small laugh he had fooled every one or so he taught. C..B..R comes out of his tent walks up to Dan_Marino and say's.

C..B..R: There's one problem asshole I'm Joseph Frost. Which means your a liar and you deserve to die.

Dan_Marino: Ok I can explain I.

Dan_Marino then makes a run for it C..B..R is close behind him Dan_Marino get's tackled by C..B..R the beats on Dan_Marino. He picks him up and snaps his neck. He picks a letter from his pocket and Dan_Marino was.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
You are Alexia Ashford the twin sister of Alfred and the creator of the T-Veronica virus. Alexia was created by her father from Veronica Ashford's (the first master of the Ashford clan) DNA and inherited her ancestor's superb intellect. By the time she was ten years old, she already graduated valedictorian at her university and became a researcher for the Umbrella Corporation.

You win when the mafia and innocents are killed off you can also communicate with your brother Alfred Ashford (***)

Your Role: Recruiter You can recruit any body into your group pm me a name and I will ask if they want to join I will not yet them know who you are unless they join. If the person you try to recruit is apart of the mafia you will be killed so pick wisely. When you get somebody to join and only when you do you become.
The role stealer you can steal a person's role but can't steal the same role twice. PM me the name of the person and that role will be yours for one night. Can't steal same role twice.
The innocents were happy they got ride of a threat even if it wasn't a mafia it was still a threat to the innocents.

Night is now on send roles please.

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