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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


The Innocents were happy about killing off a mafia member and were hoping that night will also be good for them.

KeepItFresh was scene coming out of some one's tent with a smile on his face. But what was he doing??

Later that night

۩_JiGSaW_۩ seen Dagax and went right up to him.

۩_JiGSaW_۩: It's the the ol' mighty Dagax come to help us kill the rest of the mafia with his great ability's.

Dagax shoves ۩_JiGSaW_۩ on his ass.


dodgeball64 and Word pull Dagax away from ۩_JiGSaW_۩.

Forum B!tch: Let them kill each other.

Just that moment KeepItFresh slowly walks towards them he is bleeding from multiple places including his mouth, chest and head. He collapse on the ground.

KeepItFresh: I seen him I know who did this to me it was.

But it was too late KeepItFresh was dead.

dodgeball64 get's a letter from his pocket.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
You are The Merchant S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned you first appeared in RE4 you are known for your merchandise and great sales you tired of being on the side lines you decided to help with the fight agents umbrella/mafia.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The Merchant (of course duh) you can give a person a gun with one bullet this allows them to make a kill beware you could end up giving a kill to the mafia. you may also give a person a healing potion which will allow them for only one time not to be lynched or killed. you can use the potion and the gun once only once so use wisely.
There were pissed because of a loss of another innocent but not knowing luck was going to come through for them.

Later on

Kantos was taking a walk around the beach by himself or so he taught. He sat down by the water and looked to see his reflection looking at him but what is that another face? Kantos turns quickly to see a man in a black ski mask pointing a gun at him.

Kantos: ok I knew this was coming go ahead and kill me.

Kantos closes his eyes and the man aims the gun right for his head and right then a man jumps out of no where and kicks the gun out of his hand he punch's the unknown man and hit's him with a side kick. The man get's up and runs off. Kantos opens his eyes to see that the man who just came to rescue him was running off.

Kantos: I don't know who you are but thank you.

Kantos very grateful returned to the camp to tell the rest of what had happened.

with 20 players alive it's 10 for a lynch.

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