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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)


Everyone gathered around people changed their mind over and over but after many hours they decides that TheDealer had to go. Every one grabbed him and tied him to a pole they then placed a bunch of firewood around him.

۩_JiGSaW_۩ walked up to him spat his in face.

Forum B!tch picked up a rock and tossed it hitting TheDealer in the head.

KeepItFresh picked up a stick and started to beat TheDealer.

Chelseafan: Ok that's enough pour the gasoline on him.

sXe_extremist and dodgeball64 poured gas on the wood and on TheDealer.

Chelseafan looks into his pocket take a letter from him and say's.

Chelseafan: Ok any last words?

TheDealer: Yeah get me the fuck out of here.

Chelseafan: Wrong.

Chelseafan then get's a lighter out and lights TheDealer. TheDealer is on fire and after a few minutes of yelling he is dead.

Every one hoping they made the right choice.

Chelseafan then opens the letter to find.





Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
You are Bitores Mendeza village chief who is ordered to stop the innocents from winning In addition to commanding several possessed villagers, Mendez possesses superhuman strength, as well as a large Las Plagas parasite inside of him.

You win when you out number the innocents

Your Role: Mafia Cop each night pm me a name and I will tell you their role or something about their role.

Nemesis ***
Ramon Salazar ***
Osmund Saddler ***
William Birkin ***
Jack Krauser ***
Everyone cheered and danced they went back to the camp site.

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