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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)

Night 1

The Innocents were upset with the fact that one of their own not only killed another innocent but himself as well. ۩_JiGSaW_۩ was sitting alone upset with the fact people were jumping on him saying he was one of them. Ownage™ walking passed him and laughed.

Ownage™: Hey dumbass what are you doing.

۩_JiGSaW_۩: Fuck You.

Ownage™: You better watch it or your because there's no one around to safe you.

Ownage™ walks off laughing to himself. He goes over to his tent and get's his gun. He says to him self I'm going to give that asshole a little scare. He then goes back out side and sneaks up on ۩_JiGSaW_۩. He slowly goes up to him and leaps on top of him. ۩_JiGSaW_۩ yells for help he see's who it is and punches Ownage™ in the gut. Ownage™ pissed out kicks ۩_JiGSaW_۩ in the nuts and punches him in the nose braking it. ۩_JiGSaW_۩ with a bloody nose slowly get's to his feet. Ownage™ shoots at him but misses ۩_JiGSaW_۩ runs off.

Ownage™ : I hope some one kills that stupid mother fucker.

Ownage™ starts to go back to his tent when some one jumps out of the shadows and stabs him in the gut he then slits Ownage™ in the neck and picks up the gun. The man laughs and say's it looks like your the one who's going to die. He then shoots Ownage™ in the head. He wipes off the gun with his t shirt and leaves.

۩_JiGSaW_۩ back at camp was attending to his broken nose.

Kantos: looks at him and say's not like I give a shit about you but what happened to you?

Chelseafan: And what was all that noise?

Before he could say anything they heard the gun fire they ran out and found Ownage™. Kantos picked a letter from the body's pocket.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats you are you are Jill Valentine S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned a member of S.T.A.R.S' Alpha Team, deployed into the Arklay Mountains to search for her missing compatriots.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The jack of all trades you have the ability to be a role blocker, bulletproof, bodyguard, but can only use them once.
Role blocker: Can block a persons role.
Bulletproof: Can't be killed at night.
Bodyguard: can protect a person at night.
There were pissed about not only losing a innocent but a important role.

Kantos: Ok now your going to tell me what the fuck happened because I don't know how but I know you had something to do with this.

۩_JiGSaW_۩: Bullshit I was back at camp with you guys I told you who I am and I am not one of them I don't have to explain shit to you.

Just then on another part of the island.

craigdanbeaton was walking around with Postage and Heat. When a small ball falls out of no where. It was a smoke ball no one could see a thing because of all the smoke.


Postage: I have no idea I can't see.

The smoke clears up and craigdanbeaton was dead his head was cut off.

Heat: Oh my god what the hell.

Postage vomits and the sight of what had happened.

Postage: That's is just sick.

Heat picks up a letter from the pocket of the body.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Congrats you are Robert Kendo S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned is a gun shop owner whom the player encounters at the beginning of the first scenario. He offers the player refuge by allowing them to stay inside the gun shop. Moments later, zombies break through the window of the store and kill him. Additional in-game documents featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis reveal that Kendo was the weapons supplier for S.T.A.R.S. and that his brother Joe designed their sidearm, the Samurai Edge

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: You don't have one sorry . you are a vanilla townie but are still very important because you can still vote and kill off the mafia.
Heat then notices that there was a laptop near the body he picks it up and turns on the screen and him and postage watches a video that comes up.


The computer then shuts off. Confused and disgusted of what has happened they all go back to camp to tell the others of what has happened.

With 23 players left it's 11 for a lynch.

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