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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)

Originally Posted by Ethan619 View Post
So far AussieFan seems to be jumping on whatever lynch we have going which at this stage makes him a bit suspicious.

Doddsy seems eager to say he will claim even though he only has 1 or 2 lynches on him. So with that said

Lynch: AussieFan

For the reason I said above.
I think this was the first ever lynch on AF, and tbh, Ethan looks sus, but don't listen to me, I always find Ethan somehow sus!

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Lynch: Aussiefan

Poor kid doesn't know where he's at.
Second lynch and it was kinda out of nowhere, Nov was pushing for a AF lynch a lot too but he's innocent I think...

Originally Posted by Doddsy View Post
I don't see how Aussiefan has done anything to get himself lynched
He's innocent or he's mafia and is trying to make him look innocent, but he's not that smart

Originally Posted by Ethan619 View Post
I am not going to unlynch as I still think AussieFan is the most suspicious but he may just be stupid with the way he is lynching.
A little sus post

Originally Posted by C...B...R View Post
LOl at Doddsy, Nov and AussieFan all saying I'm hated in mafia games. You've all played what 2 maybe three games against me? And so what happened in WWE mafia carries over here? Very good, I forgot about the part where I lynch randomly carries over into the next game. The only reason my lynches have seemed random in that game is because I was a replacement and so I don't know what has really been going on, in other games I know what's going on and don't lynch randomly.

With that said Lynch: AussieFan
It looks like CBR is just pissed at AF...So with all of those posts I've decided to...

Lynch: Ethan619

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