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Re: Resident Evil Mafia (Discussion & GamePlay Thread)

Sticksy was sure he made the right choice to kill AussieFan. He started to walk around looking for to kill some zombies he heard a noise and looked behind him.

Sticksy: I swear I heard some one. Must be going crazy.

Sticksy ignored it and kept walking he went back to his camp and got a drink from his bag he then heard it again he got a knife out of his pocket and slowly turned around to see that he was all alone.

Sticksy: Ok who's there I can hear you.

But no one was there.

He went inside of his tent to find he was not alone. He got shot in the chest.

Sticksy took off his shirt showing that he had a bomb.

Sticksy; If I'm going to die your coming with me.

He pressed the button on the bomb they both blew up. They were dead.

Every one heard the noise and went to find out what was going on. They went through the remains to find both bodies and.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Sticksy was you are Carlos Oliveira S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned Originally from a South American anti-government guerrilla group, his nationality is unknown, though he does have Native American ancestry. After government forces wiped out his former organization, Carlos was scouted out by the Umbrella Corporation to join the U.B.C.S. He joined and was assigned to Delta Platoon, Company A, along with Nicholai Ginovaef and Mikhail Victor.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The Bomb if you are killed the person who killed you will also get killed too if lynched the last person to lynch you dies too.

Also AussieFan died
Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
AussieFan was
You are Luis Sera S.T.A.R.S / Town aligned you are a researcher sent to investigate the umbrella/mafia lab to steal information about their virus and chemicals.

You win when all threats to you are gone.

Your Role: The 3 shot killer . you can kill during night and day but your gun only has three bullets which means 3 kills use wisely
The innocents were sad to see what had happened and left hoping the lynch will bring good news.

day is still on and Lynch is still going on.

Strain = Lemon Cookies


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