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Originally Posted by Platt View Post
Being totally serious here, what do you do? You get paid presumably to work a standard 8 hour day and we're lucky if you're on here for 2 minutes of that. Yes I know we're not the only forum in the network but if you spend as much time here as everywhere else thats a couple of hours work a day at most. There's people who have never been staff who have more mod operations logged than you do.

If all you do is report things to higher ups and tech people give us there details and we'll just do it ourselves at least we'd know it was getting done and could chase stuff up. We all know you don't have the power to correct some of the faults yourself but you are our line of contact to those that do and you don't COMMUNICATE anything. Perfect example is the rep editing problems we tell you again and again and again thats it's still broken, after a couple fo weeks of posting everyday asking for updates you finally tell us the tech admins claim to of fixed it a week ago. Only after another week of hearing nothing do we finally find out they were trying to fix the wrong damn thing anyway. A month of hassle just to find out the real problem had never been reported/looked into.
Well said. truebluefan, if you care and want to see this site improved, then tell us where we can go (other than you, no offense) to get this resolved

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