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Re: WF Mafia: Chain of Memories [Discussion & Gameplay Thread]

Night 6

Night had begun as the innocents felt like they had this thing won.

Heat was walking down a dark street. He had a big grin on his face as he saw Dagax from down the block.

Heat laid down behind a bush, and loaded up his pistol. As Dagax came closer, Heat put a bullet through Dagax’s skull.

Dagax was a Heartless, Individually Aligned.

You are the Cult Leader. Every night, you may pm me a name of a player. They will be asked if they want to surrender their hearts and join your cult. If successfully recruited, the players will become part of your faction and work with you in winning the game. You will die if you attempt to recruit a mafia member. Once you die, no more members may be recruited into your cult.
Heat laughed, until he got up and turned around. He saw T_Melena staring at him.

“You guys are just making it too easy for me” said T_Melena.

T_Melena took out his keyblade and put it up to Heat’s head.

“Who are you!?” screamed T_Melena.

“I’m Bambi! I swear!”

T_Melena shook his head as he chopped off Heat’s head with a swift swipe. Heat was dead.

T_Melena took out his wallet.

Heat was Captain Hook, Dark Aligned.

Your role is the Stopper. Each night you may pm me the name of a player. This player will be unable to use his role that night. You are allowed to roleblock the same person more than once.

Your mafia members are:

Maleficent (MetalX)
Pete (the_outsider)
Ursula (sXe_Extremist)
Captain Hook (**)
Riku (Daredevil Jeff)
Ariel (Sticksy)
Then, after Sticksy died..

You are now the godfather. It is your job to send in the kill for the mafia during the night phase.
The town heard all this gunfire and all came out to much excitement. Everyone congratulated T_Melena while also happy Heat took out an outside threat before dying. All the mafia had been eliminated.

A man stared at this celebration from down the block, filled with anger.

“They don’t appreciate my work” he thought. “They don’t think I’m a threat, eh? I’ll show them what I’m capable of.”

The man found the closest person he could. He took him by the neck and strangled him to death. The killer opened his wallet to find out ho he just killed. The person’s license read, TheDealer.

TheDealer was Jiminy Cricket, Light Aligned.

You are also the Journalist. Keeping track of everything that’s going on, you are the only one that seems to be able to analyze deaths clearly. Each day, you may pm me the name of someone who has died the night before, and I will inform you how they died. This could help inform you if this was a mafia kill, innocent kill, and so on.
The killer smiled as he walked away, whistling to himself.

***It is now day!!! With 7 alive, it’s 4 to lynch.***
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