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Re: WF Mafia: Chain of Memories [Discussion & Gameplay Thread]

Night 5

Night had begun. The uneasiness of the past few nights was starting to ware off for the innocents.

Ethan619 was chilling at the beach late at night. He needed some alone time, and that was the perfect place to relax.

However, his time of relaxation was short lived, as a man snuck up on him. The man chuckled, and as Ethan619 turned around, he saw a gun pointing dead at his face.

Please don’t shoot!” Screamed Ethan, but the man’s mind was already made up. He shot, killing him.

Ethan619 was Peter Pan, Light Aligned.

You are also the Investigative Enabler. As long as you are alive, then the investigator will still be able to investigate players in the game. If you die, the investigator will become a roleless townie.
The man had smiled finally he had killed someone without anybody noticing it. At least that’s what he thought.

“I saw what you did” was heard, and the man became worried.

A gunshot went off. Sticksy fell face first into the sand.

Sticksy was Ariel, Dark Aligned.

You unfortunately don’t have a role. You are still important to the game as innocents need you for lynching and working out mafia.
Then, after Night 1..

You are now a part of the mafia.

Your mafia members are:

Maleficent (MetalX)
Pete (the_outsider)
Ursula (sXe_Extremist)
Captain Hook (**)
Riku (Daredevil Jeff)
Ariel (Sticksy)
Then, after the godfather died…

You are now the godfather. It is your job to send in the kill for the mafia during the night phase.
Meanwhile, Postage and RKO920 were sitting on the stoop in front of Dagax’s house, waiting for him to come out.

While waiting, they talked about who the thought should be lynched tomorrow. These two have became really good friends and know they can trust each other.

Suddenly, a man comes up by the stoop.

“Hello” Postage said.

The man just gave Postage a blank stare. He took out a dagger and chucked it at Postage. RKO920, without second guessing his choice, jumped in front of Postage to save his life. RKO920 had died, the killer disappeared, and Postage was both appreciative of his life and saddened by RKO920’s death.

RKO920 was Goofy, Light Aligned.

You are also the Bodyguard. You may choose to protect someone, except for yourself, to protect each night. If the person you are protecting is chosen to be killed, you will die instead.
***It is now day. With 11 alive, it's 6 to lynch.***
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