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Re: WF Mafia: Chain of Memories [Discussion & Gameplay Thread]

Night 4

Night had begun. No type of part was thrown, no town event, nothing. The fear and paranoia of getting killed had gotten to everyone. The fog that covered the down didn’t help people think it was safe either.

Some stayed home in fear, while some were brave and relaxed at the park or walked the streets. It was certain members’ bravery however, that got the best of them.

Kantos and craigdanbeaton shared a seat at the local park.

“What a crummy night” stated Kantos. “But we might as well enjoy it, as though I hate to say it, any of us could die at any time.”

“Yea. We’ve been doing a pretty good job at ridding the town of scum but with outside forces who knows what type of danger we are in.” responded craig.

The two heard very light footsteps heading their way.

“What was that?” asked craig.

“Probably nothing, you worry too much.”

Seconds later, a man came up to Kantos from behind with a razor sharp knife. Piercing Kantos’s neck, he let out a scream, and the killer ran away.

Craig looked on in shock. He has never seen someone get murdered before. He had no idea what to do. He began to reach for Kantos’s wallet.

“Stop it” stated Kantos, in a quiet voice.

“I..I’m dying craig. Quick, hand me my Kingblade.”

“King Mickey?” asked craig.
“Yes, yes. Now hand it to me. Hurry.”

Craig quickly went into Kantos’s back pocket and got his Kingblade. Once he handed it to him, Kantos gave a weak shot of the blade, which opened a portal. Inside lay Sora dead.

Kantos cast a spell on sora which was seemingly going to wake him up.

“I cannot let you do that” said a member in a black cape nearby. He ran up to Kantos and started to grab the Kingblade away from him.

“You will never prevail in taking over the kingdom! Give up now!” Screamed Kantos.

Blood was dripping from his neck. He started to feel the life pour out of him, and a mafia member was just about to ruin what he has just started.

Suddenly, from nowhere comes Donald Duck with his magic rod zaps the mafia member. Hurt, the caped man runs away feeling defeated.

“What were you trying to do, Mickey?” Asked Donald Duck.

“Th…this” he stated. Everyone looks at the portal to see Sora smiling back at them.

“Sora!” They all shouted, and went to give him a hug.

T_Melena is back in the game.

“Goodbye Sora and everyone else. Finish what we have started. Don’t let them take over Kingdom Hearts.” were Kantos’s last words, and with that he passed away. Everyone had a sad look on their face. Craig went to take out his wallet.

Kantos was King Mickey Mouse, Light Aligned.

You are also the King. Each night you may pm me the name of a player. By doing so, you will protect them from night kills, while roleblocking them at the same time.
“Nooo!!” AussieFan screamed as he started running to Kantos.

“This is too much to handle. My only true love has died, I can’t live in a world without him!”

With that she pulled out a knife in her pocket. They tried to stop her, but she was too fast. She sliced her throat, and with that, died. Craig with a look of horror, pulled out his wallet.

AussieFan was Queen Minnie Mouse, Light Aligned.

You are also the Lover. In love with King Mickey, you couldn’t stand to live without him. If he dies at any point in the game you, you will commit suicide. King Mickey is a lot more mentally stable than you though, so if you die he won’t kill himself.
Everyone was saddened at the two lying dead on the park bench.

“I will avenge you, King. That’s a promise.” Stated Sora, as they walked away angered.

***It is now Day. With 15 alive, it’s 8 to a lynch.***
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