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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Haven't review a show in ages, going to keep this short and sweet and do it in a different style, next review will probably be my old long style.

Lashley's RAW Feedback

Triple H Opening Promo: Liked this promo alot, I'm loving the suspense for Triple H to tell us what he has in store for the McMahons. I know it'll be awesome and I would love maybe a triple threat hell in a cell, with possibly hunter being the referee? The McMahons make an appearance which is inevitable. What an announcement for tonight, making Hunter look strong and brave, however I think he'll be beat down.

Ron Killings Promo: Nice little promo here with Ron Killings, Santino, Melina and Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme are in character stealing stuff as is Santino being goofy. I cannot comment on Killings character as I cannot remember him, sadly Good promo though to hype up Santino's and Killings match tonight!

Eddie Colon vs. Cody Rhodes: I hate Cody Rhodes and I am pleased that he was defeated here tonight. I am wondering just who this 'mystery man' is? He hit a stunner which would always make you think STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! But I know it won't be, unless I am wrong

MVP Promo: I liked this promo and I liked how you made Elijah get the blame as it makes MVP seem like Orton, who is cunning and manipulative. I see MVP being drafted in the draft so he can continue this feud more easily. Another good match added for tonight aswell

Killings vs. Santino: Damn, Santino lost I love Santino, he is comedy gold! A decent match up and I'm liking this feud, which I'm sure will still continue.

Beth + Natalya Promo:
I love Natalya and would love to see this be a team, as it is Awesome. I like how Natalya is in a feud with Victoria as it is basically a swap from real life. McCool gets involved, which is good as I love Michelle.

Divas Tag Match: Natalya and Beth are the bullies in the division, imo. Their shear power makes them able to dominate any diva that gets in their way. Michelle will get payback aswell, imo. Since what they did to her earlier, even if it is next week.

Jericho Promo: I seriously doubt that this match will be called down the middle, no matter what Jericho says. I can definitely see someone being fucked with tonight, be it either Kennedy or Bobby. If either is screwed I hope its Bobby, as I love Kennedy BTW, gotta say, I've been loving this little feud.

Mysterio/Cena vs. MVP/Burke:
Why was Cena Mysterio's mystery partner? Surprised me. Cena got the win which gives him momentum heading into Wrestlemania against Orton and Kane. Which I must say will be awesome.

NO DQ Match: Match of night for me. I throughly enjoyed reading it. I loved the ending with Chris Jericho costing Bobby the match (knew he would cost someone the match Pleased it was Lashley) When he did it I was thinking a possible heel turn with a handshake to Kennedy, until he hit Kennedy also.

Randy Orton Promo: A very good promo, which surprisingly saw nobody bullying Grisham Orton is going to take on a more submissive style? Awesome. I have no idea what it'll be as he never does submission moves, but I hope it's awesome.

Orton vs. Val Venis: The match served its purpose getting Orton over and allowing him to use his submission maneuver. Which was a CAMEL CLUTCH? abit of a disappointment but whatever, it does show the intensity in his eyes like you said. Pleased to see Val got in some momentum.

Punk Promo:
Sunny is a slut. She screams, hopefully being attacked? Only Jeff, she's very a corset? Haha what a slut. Jeff gets the upper hand and Bischoff and Eugene walk in. I'm loving this little feud.

3 on 1 handicap match: Woah, woah, woah! A return of evolution? Can't exactly call this a match, but I loved how Flair and Batista came to Hunter's aid. I really hope you are returning Evolution! But I don't think it'll happen, although it might to even up the numbers against the McMahons.

Overall: No wonder you win so many awards, you're the next Wolf Beast I blummin' well love your shows. They're great. Best RAW/Show I've read in absolutely ages! 10/10.

There we go. Blummin' well awesome show my friend.
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