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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Very good opening promo here, it was a good idea to start with a Triple H promo after he won the 'Mania power last week. Triple H was in character and I liked what he had to say. The match teasers were good to get a reaction out of the crowd and to get us all wondering what he will decide, but I don't think we will find out yet. The McMahons coming down was always going to happen but I liked what they had to say too, with Vince showing his frustration as the power is with someone else rather than him for once. Triple H asking for the handicap match was a little suprising but it wasn't out of character at all in my opinion, he has always been fearless as a face and it shows how much hatred he has for them, as he is willing to do three on one just to get his hands on them. Plus I think he has a trick up his sleeve.

This was a funny segment, just seeing Santino's reaction to the knock and run would be hilarious. Cryme Tyme and Ron Killings together is a good little trio as they can do funny segments like these. What Santino had to say about the playground was funny as I can just imagine him reacting like this. Cryme Tyme sneaking in behind them would be hilarious to see too, I remember when they did this IRL when there was an interview taking place, I think it was Edge and Lita's locker room.

This tag team fued has been a good little rivalry, it's good to see it is still continuing after last week. The ending was well written and I liked the counter from Cody, I thought he was going to pick up the win after that. Wow, didn't expect anyone to interfere at all. Nice finish with Cody being distracted, meaning Cody and Kofi will be looking for revenge. I wonder who this guy is then, has Carlito got any more brothers around I wonder? It would've been nice if you gave a little more of a description of this guy though without giving his name to get us guessing, but I suppose this leaves us wanting to know even more as it could be anyone.

Decent little segment here, Elijah and MVP would make a good little partnership so this would be interesting to see. I like that you have MVP on Raw as it really helps build up this rivalry. I would've liked Burke to smugly ask Bischoff to apologize louder or ask him to repeat it or something along those lines, that would've been funny as he has that sort of attitude. Great match announcment too, it's funny when MVP goes ballistic like that as he always thinks they are screwing him over. Although it makes perfect sense as he is trying to get at MVP, I thought Rey trying to get at MVP was strange and picturing it in my head had me laughing for some reason.

Nice little match here, it was shorter than I expected but the match obviously wasn't very important here. Cryme Tyme selling their stuff would be hilarious to see, and the things you pulled out were funny! The Italian thong was funny and so was the "Melina Special" Lol, but the penis pump was just hilarious! As I said I remember when they did this to Lita and pulled out some funny stuff but this was even funnier. Very well written segment this was.

The divas backstage interview was very good, I think it's a good idea to let us hear Natalya and Beth talk instead of just beating people in the ring. Seeing McCool standing up to them was interesting as you could tell she would be scared inside, I was just waiting for them to kick her ass so it was good to see her get knocked down. The last line was brilliant and this segment really shows that Natalya and Beth totally different to the other divas, and it shows their dominance too.

The womens tag match seemed like a good match, it flowed nicely and and it did it's job of showing just how dominant these two are. The right person lost this match too as Mickie isn't involved in the main part of the feud so the loss won't hurt her very much, plus it means Victoria will be even more determined now to get one up on Beth and Natalya.

I liked the Jericho and Lashley segment, it was again well written and it adds some more tension to this feud, as well as making us think that there will be a problem between these two later on. I liked the comment from Y2J about him never hearing Lashle say so much, but Lashley came back with the perfect comeback by saying actions speak louder than words, that was great and it would come off really well. I'm looking forward to the match now.

Rey Mysterio teaming with John Cena would be a very popular team for sure, they would have all the women and kids behind them. This was a very interesting match, mainly because I didn't know what the result would be. Lol has Elijah Burke ever hit the Express in this thread? Let him hit it next week! It flowed nicely and the ending was cool with the 619 into the FU, that would come off very well on TV. I'm not really happy about MVP losing this one really, but I suppose it was the right decision as Cena needs this momentum. Plus I think MVP will come out on top in his feud with Rey in the end so this loss won't harm him too much, and since Cena is a main eventer I suppose it doesn't matter.

The match between Lashley and Kennedy was very entertaining, plus with Jericho involved it added even more drama to it. Nice action in this match and Kennedy going for the chair was a cool heel move, I liked how mentioned a disgusted Jim Ross too, he would be disgusted at this and it provided a little distraction too for Kennedy so Lashley could recover. The spear to counter the chair shot was brilliant, but I didn't expect jericho to hit Lashley with the chair at all! I thought Y2J might do somethign after the match but nto during, so I was shocked to see him cost Lashley the victory. Haha he hit Kennedy as well, brilliant. Y2J is lookign strong now, but there will be two pissed off guys looking for revenge next week.

Nice Orton interview, I liked what he had to say and he made some interesting comments. Haha, there was only ever going to be one winner here. I wasn't that shocked that Orton won with a submission as he mentioned it in the interview, but it was still quite surprising. As much as I love the RKO is was cool to see him end a match in a different way, and by adding a submission to his arsenal it makes him a more complete wrestler. The Camel Clutch was a good choice as you can see the intensity and aggression on their face as it's applied like you mentioned.

Wow, Orton has kinda lost all that momentum that he just got from destroying Val, oh well, Kane had to come out tbh with this fued going on. The chokeslam on the stage was cool and he has made yet another big statement, but it's about time someone took Kane down now. I liked Kane threatening Cena too, it's a shame he didn't chokslam him on the stage!

Jeff is back! That was really good Nige the way you had Sunny scream, made me wonder what the hell Eugene did to her! I can just picture the door being opened with an angry Jeff stood there, that would come off really well. It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

Evolution are back together!? Wow! They must be since their music played, I love that song by the way. That was such a brilliant twist Nige and it was so unexpected, I was just wondering what the hell Triple H was going to do at mania but it's clear now. This has really evened the odds now and I loved Evolution so it's great to see them back together. And Evolution promo to kick off the show next week please! Evolution against the McMahons at Mania should be great.

Overall Nige it was a fantastic show as usual. Everything was just great, there were some really well written promos and matches and some really interesting storylines all the way down the card. And of course there was a great ending. I find myslef looking over the show for some sort of fault to stop this being just a kiss-ass review, but there was actually nothing bad at all. Great stuff Nige, I'm looking forward to next week already! Good job mate!

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